Ukraine News Links 14-15 June 2014

15 June 2014 20:09:53 —

Ukraine to close border with Russia next week – defence minister (ITAR-TASS)

Third power seems to be behind Kiev’s position at gas talks with Russia – Lavrov (ITAR-TASS)

About 100 killed during fighting in Lugansk region ofUkraine during last 24 hours (Voice of Russia)

Attack on Russian embassy in Kiev spearheaded by Ukrainian tycoon’s henchmen – Lavrov (Voice of Russia)

UN chief urges immediate end to violence in Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

Lavrov expresses concern to German counterpart over embassy attack (ITAR-TASS)

Ukraine: Echoes Of The Third Reich – Yatsenyuk’s “Subhumans” (Moon of Alabama)

Professor Stephen Cohen on Ukraine Civil War (Dissident Voice)

Attack on Russian embassy in Kiev proves Ukraineleadership’s weakness – Russian official (Voice of Russia)

Second round of gas talks in Kiev expected after 7 pm, Moscow time (ITAR-TASS)

MPs concerned as Western UNSC members fail to condemn embassy attack (ITAR-TASS)

Russia, Ukraine, EU set to resume gas talks on Sunday at 04:00 pm GMT (Voice of Russia)

Russian journalists held by Ukraine Security Service – TV website (ITAR-TASS)

West gives Kiev carte blanche for any actions – lawmaker (ITAR-TASS)

Gas talks stall because Kiev has little ‘grasp of reality’ (RT)

Ukraine’s armed forces shell Slavyansk suburb, 2 civilians killed (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine observes day of mourning for military plane crash victims (ITAR-TASS)

Former US Ambassador to Kiev does not approve of attack on Russian Embassy (Voice of Russia)

VIDEO: Russian anger over embassy attack (BBC)

Ukrainian FM chants ‘Putin – f**ker’ at vandalized Russian embassy in Kiev (RT)

Next round of Russia, Ukraine, EU gas talks on Sunday still up in the air – media (Voice of Russia)

Russian reporters held in Dnepropetrovsk by Ukraine’s security service – TV channel (Voice of Russia)

No humanitarian corridors created in eastern Ukraine, local leaders say (ITAR-TASS)

US sparks civil unrest in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine to save its ailing – expert (Voice of Russia)

Hostile action against Russian embassy driving wedge between Russia, Ukraine – Deputy FM (Voice of Russia)

Missing OSCE observers are in Severodonetsk – Donetsk People’s Republic PM (Voice of Russia)

Operation to restore Ukraine’s state border to be discussed Monday – Poroshenko (Voice of Russia)

Kiev must guarantee Russian embassy security – Kremlin spokesman (Voice of Russia)

Attack on Russian embassy in Kiev was organised – Russian MP (Voice of Russia)

Some instigators of attack on Russian mission detained – Ukraine ministry (ITAR-TASS)

Spokesman: Kiev round of gas talks ends without result (ITAR-TASS)

Action at Russian Embassy in Kiev comes to end – media (Voice of Russia)

The Propaganda War About Ukraine (WashingtonsBlog)

Nurse killed as Ukraine’s army shells hit Slavyansk hospitals (RT)

The Real Reason NATO is Courting Georgia (NEO)

Ukrainian authorities should provide security for all diplomatic missions – OSCE chairman (Voice of Russia)

No humanitarian corridors in Ukraine – Donetsk Republic speaker (Voice of Russia)

Lavrov calls on US to use influence on Ukraine to stop violence (SCF)

Protesters in Kiev pelt Russian embassy with stones (SCF)

Western UNSC members block Russia’s draft resolution on Kiev embassy attack (RT)

Internment Camps in Donbass: History Repeats Itself (SCF)

Mr Hague, How about Ending the Rape of Whole Countries? (SCF)

Donetsk Republic leader: no humanitarian corridors in Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

Audio: Deployment Of U.S. Bombers To Europe Alarming (Stop NATO)

Source: Western countries at UN SC block Russia’s statement condemning attack on embassy (ITAR-TASS)

Kiev claims 50 ‘terrorists’ killed in airstrike after losing 49 troops (RT)

Protesters turn over Russian diplomats’ cars, drag down flag at embassy in Kiev (PHOTOS) (SCF)

Ukraine Rebels Shoot Down Military Plane Killing 49
Bloomberg – Forty-nine Ukrainian military personnel died when a transport plane carrying troops and equipment was shot down overnight as it approached …

Ukraine: Almost 50 Servicemen Killed as Rebels Down Plane – It was a bitter setback for Ukrainian forces, which have struggled to … Ukraine has accused Russia of permitting three tanks to cross the border where …

Ukraine Seeks Last-Ditch Russian Gas Talks as Jet Downed in East
Ukraine is seeking a new round of talks to prevent Russia from halting natural gas flows in two days, as the downing of a military transport plane by …

Last-Ditch Russian Gas Talks to Resume as Ukrainian Jet Downed
Businessweek – Ukraine, Russia and the European Union will start today a new round of talks to prevent cutoff of natural gas flows, as the downing of a military plane …

Ukraine separatists shoot down military plane, 49 killed
Reuters – “We condemn the shooting down of the Ukrainian military plane and … Ukraine’s presidential press service quoted the defense minister as telling …

Ukraine Military Plane Reportedly Shot Down 
Huffington Post – NOVOHANNIVKA, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine’s new president declared Sunday a day of mourning and vowed to punish those responsible after …

Ukraine, Russia hold last-ditch gas talks before deadline
GlobalPost – KIEV (Reuters) – Ukraine and Russia made a last-ditch attempt to resolve a gas pricing dispute on Saturday, less than 48 hours before a Russian …

Ukraine prosecutor: 49 dead as rebels down plane – WSMV Channel 4
WSMV Nashville – The tanks seen in Ukraine, NATO said, “do not bear markings or camouflage paint like those used by the Ukrainian military. In fact, they do not have …

Ukraine prosecutor: 49 dead as rebels down plane – WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for …
WAFF – Ukraine has accused Russia of permitting three tanks to cross the border where they were used by rebels. Russia denies supplying the separatists.

Ukraine separatists shoot down military plane, 49 dead
WHTC – KIEV/NOVOHANNIVKA Ukraine (Reuters) – Pro-Russian separatists shot down an army transport plane in east Ukraine on Saturday, killing 49 …

Moon of Alabama ? b The Ukrainian coup government claims that Russian tanks crossed the border and are in use by federalists in east Ukraine. First claims talked about …

Ukraine ministry: Rebels down military aircraft
Times Free Press stories: – Latest News KIEV, Ukraine — The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said Saturday that pro-Russian separatists shot down a large military transport plane in the country’s …

US presses Russia over weapons flow to Ukraine US Photo: AP – Remnants of a downed Ukrainian army aircraft Il-76 at the airport near Luhansk, Ukraine, Saturday, June 14, 2014. Pro-Russian separatists …

Ukraine Prosecutor: 49 Dead as Rebels Down Plane
Capitol Resource Institute ? CBN KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Pro-Russian separatists shot down a military transport plane Saturday in the country’s restive east, killing all 49 service …

Ukraine vows to punish rebels who downed plane International Photo: AP A pro-Russian fighter guards the site of remnants of a downed Ukrainian army aircraft Il-76 at the airport near Luhansk, Ukraine, Saturday, …

Those Mysterious Tanks in Ukraine
In Moscow’s Shadows ? Mark Galeotti The appearance of three mystery tanks in east Ukraine may be a serious escalation of the conflict (as Russia throws extra military hardware into the …

State Dept. “Concerned” Over Russian Tanks Crossing Into Ukraine
Pirate’s Cove ? William Teach (The Hill) Russia has supplied Ukrainian separatists with tanks, rocket launchers and other military vehicles, the State Department said Friday.

Russia send tanks into Ukraine
Famagusta Gazette Russia, which annexed Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula in March, has repeatedly said it would not make further intrusions into Ukrainian territory.

Rebels Down Ukraine Plane, 49 Dead
The National Herald ? dabilis Pro-Russian separatists shot down a military transport plane June 14 in the country’s restive east, killing all 49 service personnel, Ukrainian officials …

Geopolitical double whammy from Ukraine and Iraq should make
ArabianMoney ? Peter Cooper The death of 47 Ukrainian paratroopers on Saturday when their plane met a Russian-made missile was another escalation of this crisis. So too was …

Ukraine crisis: Military plane shot down in Luhansk
BBC – Pro-Russian rebels have shot down a military transport plane in eastern Ukraine, killing all 49 Ukrainianservice personnel on board. Ukraine’s …

Russia condemns attack on Kiev embassy
BBC – Russia reacts angrily to a violent protest outside its embassy in Ukraine, which saw windows smashed, the Russian flag torn down and cars …

Ukrainian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 shoot-down
Wikipedia – On 14 June 2014, an Ilyushin Il-76 of the Ukrainian Air Force was shot down by guerillas relative to the forces of semi-claimed Lugansk People’s …

Ukraine protestors get violent outside Russian embassy in Kiev
New York Post – Protesters hurled eggs and overturned diplomats’ cars Saturday outside the Russian embassy in Kiev just hours after the Ukrainian president vowed …

NATO Releases Imagery: Raises Questions on Russia’s Role in Providing Tanks to Ukraine
ACO – NATO – Imagery from the 6th of June shows the Russian unit departing, which we believe was part of a Russian announcement to pull troops back from the …

49 dead as rebels down military plane
My Way – News – NOVOHANNIVKA, Ukraine (AP) — Pro-Russia separatists shot down a Ukrainian military transport plane Saturday, killing all 49 crew and troops …

Twitter – #Ukraine government says 49 troops killed in cargo plane shot down by …. @BBCBreaking – Moscow is provoking Kiev to declare war, or Ukraine …

Ukraine separatists shoot down military plane, 49 dead
Jordan Times – KIEV/NOVOHANNIVKA, Ukraine — Pro-Russian separatists shot down an army transport plane in eastUkraine on Saturday, killing 49 servicemen …

Twitter – #Ukraine military plane shot down in Luhansk – several people killed, Kiev defence ministry says. Reply; Retweet Retweeted; Delete; Favorite …

14 June 2014

Pakistan and Russia: The Defense of National Interests (NEO)

Russia’s statement condemning attack on embassy blocked in UNSC (Voice of Russia)

Moscow outraged at Ukraine’s National Guard for detaining 2 more Russian journalists (RT)

Russia condemns Kiev embassy attack (BBC)

Attack on Russian embassy: vandals throw Molotov cocktail (Voice of Russia)

Chances to reach an agreement on gas between Russia, Ukraine and EU remain – Oettinger (Voice of Russia)

About 200 people gather at Ukraine’s embassy in central Moscow (ITAR-TASS)

Ukraine ready for compromise on $326 gas pricing – minister (ITAR-TASS)

Russia proposes UN Security Council to condemn attack on Russian Embassy (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine vows downed plane response (BBC)

Moscow is indigant at provocations of “fascist youth” against Russian Embassy (Voice of Russia)

Russia demands Ukraine ensure security of Russian diplomats in Kiev (ITAR-TASS)

Dialogue amid shelling is impossible, Kiev should ‘stop punitive action’ – Lavrov (RT)

Russia and Ukraine’s mystery tanks (BBC)

US must urge Ukraine to end military campaign – Lavrov (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine Regime Claims Control of Key Port City (Global Research)

What’s New: Counter-revolution and Resistance in Ukraine (Socialist Project)

Pro-NATO Hawk To Be Next Finnish Prime Minister (Stop NATO)

European Energy Commissioner will represent EU at gas talks in Kiev (ITAR-TASS)

Russia’s FM warns Ukraine against state border violations (Voice of Russia)

Protesters throw stones, firecrackers, Molotov cocktail at Russian embassy in Kiev (RT)

FM: Russia will take measures to prevent Ukraine’s violations of state border (ITAR-TASS)

Defenders launch counteroffensive in Lugansk region (ITAR-TASS)

Cohen on Ukraine civil war: ‘Lincoln didn’t call Confederates terrorists’ (RT)

Petr Poroshenko convenes meeting of Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council (Voice of Russia)

Use of army against population in Ukraine must not be justified (ITAR-TASS)

June 15 declared day of mourning for Il-76 crash victims in Ukraine (Voice of Russia)

NYT Stenographically Reports White House Ukraine Lies, Like Before 2003 Iraq U.S. Invasion (WashingtonsBlog)

Shellings and airstrikes make dialogue in Ukraine impossible – Lavrov (Voice of Russia)

Russia demands reports of prohibited weapons use by Kiev to be thoroughly studied (Voice of Russia)

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