US military hacks the independent press

27 June 2014 — Voice of Russia

US army that operates from a secret base in Arizona, to start a war on independent media through hacking and blocking communications. Computer security teams cooperating with Veterans Today traced a pattern of attacks to Fort Huachuca, headquarters of the US Army Intelligence School, Press TV reports.

This secret base, located in small town of Sierra Vista, Arizona, is base for this spying operation and also for the US drone program. All drone attacks start there, and also drones are developed and tested there.

Attacks on news and media organizations were revealed after a number of websites noticed unusual and huge traffic patterns and some hacking attempts. Security programs traced these attacks to Fort Huachuca and to some other computer systems around the US.

At Fort Huachuca secret base censorship operates to block any websites worldwide that reports news damaging to some US policies or its allies.

Training classes at Fort Huachuca, funded by Congress and paid for by the Americans, are projected to protect government computer systems from hacker attacks. But actually specialists from Fort Huachuca, operate far outside the authority of the US Constitution, they try to censor the internet and spread propaganda and disinformation worldwide.

The point is that Congress hasn’t authorized funds for these secret programs at Huachuca. There is no evidence that the command there is operating under any authorization and there is no evidence that they are even under US command at all.

But all these actions, like jamming telephone communications, hacking Skype servers to interfere with radio and television broadcasts, are violations of state and federal laws that protect communications infrastructure from terrorism.

American can’t be certain of who controls the US Army anymore, chose to make use of a command with strong ties to the intelligence community, many of whose members now side with the independent press.

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