‘West seeks to knock out strategic enemies, divide & destroy Middle East’

3 July 2014 — RT

There is nothing new in the Western policy towards Middle East and it’s clear that the winners are the State of Israel and its Western backers, and the losers are the people of the region, independent filmmaker Sukant Chandan told RT. 

Militant Islamist fighters take part in a military parade along the streets of the northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014 (Reuters)

Militant Islamist fighters take part in a military parade along the streets of the northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014 (Reuters)

Western nations were well aware that extremist groups in the form of ISIS can overrun war-torn Iraq, whereas the only way for Iraqis to beat the extremists is to unite against common enemy, Chandan said.

RT: The US is sending its troops to protect its staff from ISIS in Iraq, it is also aiding Syria. Isn’t it a danger that some of these weapons and some of this support are going to end up in the hands of ISIS?

Sukant Chandan: I think it is very clear that more weapons – i.e. half a billion dollars’ worth – are going to go indirectly or directly into the hands of so-called ISIS in Syria. We had a picture of John McCain that was taken last year posing with members of ISIS, and really in the situation of NATO intervention in Libya and then in Syria and other places, we have seen a direct coming together, an alliance between the leading NATO forces – of particularly London, Paris and Washington – and the sectarian death-squads who are using and abusing Islam to deliver absolute divide and destruction of various vast swathes of the region.

So really the Western plan for the region, unfortunately for the people of the region impacted, has become a part to the interest of the West, which is knocking out strategic enemies of the region, particularly Libya and destabilizing Syria and then going on to divide and destroy whole regions.

Because the rationale is basically if the US and Britain cannot have total monopolization of the wealth and control and monopoly of power in these regions they are not going to have Russia and China have it.

And we can see that it is [Iraqi PM] Maliki who has been given the poisoned chalice, and that is the whole other connected discussion about the sectarianism in Iraq, but he has been given the poisoned chalice, which is Iraq, and having been put in the situation, and then the US refusing to come to their assistance and that is where Russia stepped in.

RT: Yes. We see strange bedfellows, if you want to put it that way, getting together there to fight against ISIS. We’re hearing Iran will be coming in to fight alongside the US. Surely the West could have seen that coming? Certainly they are very professional, very well read, very good people in charge of what is going on there – you think? Could they not see all this coming?

SC: They did see all this coming and they planned for all of this coming. There is nothing new in what we’re seeing in the region. It is the same alliance of forces, a raid against the people of the region that we saw since WWII, when London and Washington were particularly allied with the Gulf monarchies in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and other much more violent sectarian forces in the region against those countries and states and leadership that were delivering land reform, social reform, distribution of wealth, and pro-south and are non-aligned at that time world policy.

The NYT last year in June reported that China is the biggest recipient of Iraqi oil produce now as well. Again when we come to that dynamic it is very clear that the rationale in Whitehall and in Capitol Hill is, “Well if we can’t have the total manipulation of the carbon-hydron industry in Iraq, well we’re not going to have the Chinese and Russians have it,” who are preparing to defend themselves in the next 20-30 years against a total war strategy rolled out against it, pivot to Asia and Ukraine.

RT: Was ISIS part of this plan? Just over the weekend it declared it want to have a Muslim State from Austria in the North to central Africa. Could the West see that coming as well or not?

SC: Aside from the fact that Britain is actually facilitating death squads from the British public going to Syria and Iraq, indeed the young men who were filmed in the ISIS video talking English and trying to recruit more. If you see the actual details of how they got to Turkey and to Syria and Iraq, actually the British authorities clearly facilitated that. But this is nothing new, as I’ve said.

They saw this coming. They are delivering it. And they are achieving the strategic interests of the West. Don’t listen to what the West are saying, look at what they are doing, and ask who benefits the most. It’s clear that the winners are the State of Israel and its Western backers, and the losers are the people of the region.

The Iraqi people must come together, must overcome sectarianism, because they were shooting against common enemy post 2003 and eventually what they failed to do is to create a real unity in struggle. But we can see the same forces that are split in Iraq united in Syria, united in Lebanon and united in Palestine, i.e. pro-Iran and pro-Saddam Hussein, pro-Baath forces, all united together against a common enemy. Tragically until the Iraqi people will do that, they will continue to see this trauma.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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