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11 July 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Saturday morning: Israeli airstrikes target mosques, center for disabled youth, killing 14
IMEMC – Airstrikes continue; Israeli officials say ground invasion imminent Two young, disabled girls were killed on Saturday in an Israeli air strike that targeted a center for the disabled in Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza. …

List of the 124 Palestinians, Including Whole Families, Killed Since Tuesday
IMEMC – The following is a list of the 124 Palestinians killed by Israeli air bombardment since Tuesday, July 8th. These are the names that have been confirmed by medical sources in Gaza. An estimated 900 Palestinians have also been wounded, with some losing limbs and others disabled for life. The majority of the wounded are children, according to the Ministry of Health. All of the casualties listed below are victims of Israeli bombs dropped on Gaza since Tuesday July 8th. …

Six More Palestinians Killed By Israeli Missiles late Friday night
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources have reported that six more Palestinians were killed in a number of airstrikes late Friday night and early Saturday morning, and that at least three of the slain Palestinians are children. This latest attack comes as the ongoing Israeli aggression and war on the Gaza Strip enters its fourth day . …

9 Injured in Bethlehem Clashes
IMEMC – Restrictions imposed on al-Aqsa for Friday prayers Nine young Palestinians were injured during clashes with Israeli soldiers near Rachel’s Tomb, during the night on Thursday. In Jerusalem, restrictions were placed again on worshippers at http://imemc.org/newswire?search_text=al+aqsa&button=Search+%3E%3E. … 

Israel Attacks Civilian Facilities, Charities
IMEMC – Nearly 300 houses completely destroyed Israeli forces have dramatically escalated the scope of its aerial offensive in Gaza on Thursday, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, as five civilian facilities across Gaza have now been bombed. …

14 More Palestinians Killed in Gaza Friday Morning
IMEMC – 14 Palestinians have been killed this morning, in Gaza, including two children. Dozens have been injured in the ongoing Israeli airstrikes. … 

Egypt Closes Rafah Crossing After One Day
IMEMC – Rafah crossing with Gaza was closed again by Egyptian authorities, on Friday. The passage had been opened for one day to allow injured Palestinians to seek treatment. …

Palestinian Killed In Southern Gaza
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources have reported, Friday, that a Palestinian man died of wounds suffered after the Israeli army fired missiles into an area south of Gaza city. …

Ministry Of Health: “More Than 1,000 Palestinians Kidnapped Since June 12″
IMEMC – Head of the Censure Department at the Palestinian Ministry Of Detainees, Abdul-Nasser Ferwana, has stated that Israeli soldiers kidnapped more than 1,000 Palestinians since the three Israeli settlers went missing on June 12, 2014. …

Five More Palestinians Killed In Rafah
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources have reported that five family members have been killed, and fifteen more Palestinians injured, when Israeli missiles struck homes in Yebna refugee camp and the Nahda neighborhood, east of the Rafah district, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. …

Ma’an News

6 killed in 2 Israeli airstrikes on Gaza
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (AFP) — An Israeli airstrike early Saturday killed four Palestinians in Jabaliya, in the northern Gaza Strip, emergency services said, revising an earlier report of three fatalities. They said that two people were also seriously injured in that raid, but had no further details. Two more people were killed in a separate strike further south in Deir al-Balah, they said. [END]

2 killed, 3 injured in airstrike on eastern Gaza City
7/11/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Israeli air forces and artillery units launched strikes at the al-Nizar neighborhood in al-Shujaiyya in eastern Gaza City late Friday, killing two people. Spokesman for the ministry of health Ashraf al-Qidra said Hussein al-Mamlok, 47, and Saber Sukkar, 80 were killed and three others were injured in the strike. Three others were injured, he said. [END]

Child dies in Israeli raid targeting Jabaliya house
7/11/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A child died Friday in an Israeli air raid targeting a house in Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip, medics said. The child was identified as 4-year-old Saher Abu Namous, 4. [END]

Airstrike targets worshipers leaving Zaytoun mosque, 7 injured
7/11/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Seven Palestinians suffered injuries Friday after an Israeli airstrike targeted worshipers leaving a mosque in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood, medics said. [END]

Airstrike targets Qanuna family home in Zaytoun area
7/11/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — An Israeli airstrike targeted the Qanuna family home in Zaytoun area of the Gaza Strip on Friday, medics said. There were no immediate reports of injury or damage. [END]

2 killed in air raid on Deir al-Balah building
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Two Palestinians were killed and 16 others were injured in a bombing in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, bringing the number of dead Friday to 18. Medical sources said that the bodies of Mohammed Samiri and one other arrived at the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital. [END]

3 injured as rocket hits Israeli city of Ashdod
7/11/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A rocket fired from Gaza hit a petrol station in southern Israel on Friday, causing a huge explosion and injuring three people, the army and medics said.”A barrage of rockets was fired at Ashdod, one of which hit a gas station causing massive damage,” a statement from the army said. Northern Israel was also hit by a rocket fired from….

PA: Palestinian driver hits 2 settlers, kills 1
7/12/2014 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — An Israeli settler died and another was severely injured early Friday when a Palestinian driver struck them with his car at Zaatara military checkpoint in southern Nablus. Palestinian security forces told Ma’an that a Palestinian driver hit two Israeli settlers with his car killing one immediately, while the other sustained severe injuries. The driver fled immediately but ran into….

UN: Israeli strikes on Palestinian homes could breach laws of war
7/12/2014 – GENEVA (AFP) — Israel could be violating the laws of war by bombing Palestinian homes in Gaza, the UN’s human rights office said Friday, as the death toll from the Israeli strikes rose to over 100.”We have received disturbing reports that many of the civilian casualties, including of children, occurred as a result of strikes on homes,” said spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani.”Such reports….

5 injured by live bullets in Kafr Qaddum
7/12/2014 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Five Palestinians were injured with live bullets in clashes with Israeli forces in Kafr Qaddum village northeast of Qalqilya. Witnesses said that Israeli soldiers using a silent rifle fired at Palestinian protesters injuring five of them. Medical sources said the five were in stable condition. [END]

75% of Gaza City without electricity after lines damaged by strikes
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Electricity was disconnected in major areas in Gaza City after heavy Israeli strikes on the al-Shujaiyya neighborhood, the electric company said Friday. Public relations officer at the electricity company Jamal al-Dredsawi said the two main electricity supply lines coming from Israel were damaged. Al-Dresdsawi told Ma’an that two out of three lines were damaged, which means 75 percent….

Israel media: 2 soldiers hurt by anti-aircraft missiles
7/11/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Two Israeli soldiers were wounded by anti-aircraft missiles in the Nahal Oz area near the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military reported Friday. [END]

14 injured in clashes in Ramallah, el-Bireh villages
7/11/2014 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Fourteen Palestinians were injured with live fire and rubber-coated bullets during clashes in the villages of Ramallah and el-Bireh that continued until early Friday. In al-Janiya village, in western Ramallah, nine youths were hit with live fire during clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli soldiers. A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli forces raided the village while shooting tear-gas canisters…. Related: Israeli forces shoot five protesters with live ammunition at Kufr Qaddum demonstration

20 injured in clashes in Jerusalem village
7/12/2014 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Twenty Palestinians were injured in clashes with Israeli forces in al-Issawiya village in East Jerusalem on Friday, officials said. Village monitoring committee member Mohammad Abu al-Homs said clashes broke out after Palestinians marched in support of the people in Gaza. Israeli forces fired stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets at them injuring 20. [END]

Army: Northern Israel hit by projectile fired from Lebanon
7/12/2014 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — A projectile fired from Lebanon struck northern Israel early Friday causing no harm or damages, the Israeli army said.”One projectile hit an open space near Kfar Yuval, between (northern Israeli towns) Metula and Kiryat Shmona,” a military spokeswoman told AFP, adding the army did not yet know whether it was a mortar shell or a rocket. [END]

Hamas armed wing briefly takes over Israeli TV broadcast
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, declared on Friday that they were able to control the broadcasts of Israel’s Channel 2 TV network. The brigades “were able to control the broadcast of the Israeli Channel 2 between 3-3:30 a. m. on Friday and broadcast a message threatening Israel,” the group said. [END]

Egypt says 20 Grad rockets smuggled from Gaza seized
7/12/2014 – CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt’s security forces seized 20 Grad rockets being smuggled in from the Gaza Strip through a tunnel by militants in northern Sinai, security officials said Friday. The rockets, along with their launch pads, were seized late Thursday after a firefight between security forces and militants in the town of Rafah bordering the Palestinian enclave, they said. Egypt’s army spokesman…. Related: Egypt closes Rafah crossing

Israel imposes restrictions at al-Aqsa for Friday prayers
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces imposed restrictions on Palestinian worshipers entering the al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday, a local group said.”Israeli forces turned Jerusalem into a military base and imposed restrictions on worshipers entering the al-Aqsa compound for the second Friday in a row,” the al-Aqsa foundation said in a statement. Men under 50 were not allowed to enter for Friday prayers and….

Israeli court sentences 16 Palestinians to house arrest
7/12/2014 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — An Israeli court in Jerusalem sentenced 16 Palestinians to house arrest, a lawyer said Friday. A Palestinian Prisoner’s Society lawyer said that 10 Palestinians were sentenced to 10 days of house arrest and a 500-shekel fine, while another six were sentenced to seven days and a 500-shekel fine. The 16 were detained Wednesday and Thursday along with….

9 injured in overnight Bethlehem clashes
7/11/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Nine youths were injured during clashes with Israeli soldiers near Rachel’s Tomb overnight Thursday. Tariq Jawarish, 22, was hit in the foot with live fire and nine Palestinians suffered tear gas inhalation. Two youths were hit with rubber-coated steel bullets. [END]

2 rockets intercepted above Tel Aviv metropolitan area
7/12/2014 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israel’s Iron Dome rocket interception system successfully targeted two rockets above Tel Aviv metropolitan area on Friday, the Israeli military said. [END]

Islamic Jihad fighters, Israel soldiers clash on central Gaza border
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Islamic Jihad fighters and Israeli soldiers clashed on the border of central Gaza late Friday, onlookers said. There were no immediate reports of injury. [END]

Rocket warning siren heard in Tel Aviv area
7/11/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israel’s rocket warning system warned residents in the Tel Aviv area to seek shelter Thursday evening. There were no immediate reports of rockets landing. [END]

Haniyeh: Leaders not more sacred than children
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said Friday that the Islamic movement’s leaders “are not afraid of Israeli threats.”Haniyeh said that “the leaders’ blood is not any more treasured than the children’s and families’ blood.”In a statement, he highlighted that Israel was the one who rejected a ceasefire long ago and “the one who….

Hamas tells foreign airlines to cancel flight to Israel
7/12/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas called on foreign airlines Friday to cancel their flights to Israel. The brigades said in a statement that all airports are at risk because of the ongoing war. It declared earlier that it had targeted Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport with five M75 rockets. [END]

Turkish singer causes outrage with anti-Semitic Gaza tweets
7/12/2014 – ANKARA (AFP) — A popular Turkish female pop singer was under pressure Friday to make a public apology after she posted a succession of anti-Semitic tweets over Israel’s deadly air campaign in Gaza. Yildiz Tilbe, who has been making folk-influenced hit albums since the 1990s, appeared to praise Hitler in the tweets and say the end of the Jews was near.”If God allows….

Kuwait calls for urgent Arab ministers meeting on Gaza crisis
7/12/2014 – CAIRO (AFP) — Kuwait requested on Friday an urgent Arab foreign ministers meeting to discuss “the deteriorating situation” in the Gaza Strip, its Arab League representative said, as Israeli airstrikes pound the Palestinian enclave. Israel’s aerial military campaign targeting rocket-firing militants in Gaza has killed around 110 Palestinians since it began early Tuesday. The Arab foreign ministers’ meeting is expected to take place….

Fear and loathing in Israel, Palestine
7/11/2014 – JERUSALEM (IRIN) — With dozens killed in Israeli air raids on Gaza and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warning that the situation is “on a knife-edge”, relations between Palestinians and Israelis are disintegrating. Some Palestinian workers say they have been summarily dismissed, while an atmosphere of hatred and fear is preventing many from going to work, taking public transport or even leaving their homes. Recently Sami, a….


Israel bomb hits disabled centre in Gaza
AlJazeera 12 Jul 2014 – Rehabilitation centre hit on fifth day of Israel’s aerial offensive on Hamas, which PM Netanyahu says will not stop.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Another Family Killed under Debris of Their Targeted House in Rafah
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

International Solidarity Movement

Israeli forces shoot five protesters with live ammunition at Kufr Qaddum demonstration
7/12/2014 – International Solidarity Movement – Nablus team, Kufr Qaddum, Occupied Palestine – There were roughly 100 people demonstrating in Kufr Qaddum yesterday. A number of the Palestinian youths present began to throw stones, when suddenly a young Palestinian fell to the ground, clutching his leg. An entry wound and an exit wound could clearly be seen. A protester stated that the Israeli forces, who were firing from the top of a hill, were using…. Related: 14 injured in clashes in Ramallah, el-Bireh villages and 5 injured by live bullets in Kafr Qaddum

International activists remain in Gaza hospital threatened by Israeli missiles
7/11/2014 – International Solidarity Movement – Gaza, Occupied Palestine – Israel’s army fired five “˜warning’ missiles at El-Wafa geriatric hospital in Gaza City, Gaza. International volunteers now staying in the hospital in solidarity, have said they, “can hear missiles falling close by”.”The civilian population of Gaza is being bombed. We will stay with them in solidarity until the international community and our governments take action to stop Israel….

Relief Web

occupied Palestinian territory: Gaza: from silent crisis to conflict
Relief Web 12 Jul 2014 – Source: Save the Children Country: occupied Palestinian territory Earlier this year, when I was in Gaza, people everywhere asked me the same thing: Ah, how do you find it here? What do you think of this place? It’s a challenging…

occupied Palestinian territory: Israel vows no let-up, Hamas defiant as Gaza toll tops 100
Relief Web 11 Jul 2014 – Source: Agence France-Presse Country: occupied Palestinian territory 07/12/2014 05:38 GMT by Steve Weizman JERUSALEM, July 12, 2014 (AFP) – Israel vowed no let-up in its aerial bombardment of Gaza, which has claimed more than 100 Palestinian lives, as a defiant…

occupied Palestinian territory: Pillay alarmed at mounting civilian toll in Gaza, appeals to all sides to abide by international law
Relief Web 11 Jul 2014 – Source: UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Country: occupied Palestinian territory GENEVA (11 July 2014) – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Friday expressed alarm at the Israeli military operations resulting in the killing…

Syrian Arab Republic: UK Aid: Syria response (8 July 2014)
Relief Web 11 Jul 2014 – Source: Department for International Development Country: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland As conflict continues in Syria, millions of people are in desperate need of assistance. The…

The National

Interactive: faces of foreign fighters in Syria, Iraq
The National 12 Jul 2014 – Fears are mounting that foreign fighters returning from Syria and Iraq may pose a threat to the United States and Europe when they return. According to some estimates, 6,000 to 10,000 foreigners are engaged each year in fighting Bashar Al Assad’s regime – of which 10 per cent are from Europe. The National takes a look at who some of these men are.

Beloved Indian actress Zohra Sehgal dies at 102
The National 11 Jul 2014 – Renowned dancer and theatre and film actress starred in English television series and films such as Bend It Like Beckham, as well Bollywood blockbusters.

Clooney rejects Daily Mail apology for marriage story
The National 11 Jul 2014 – British tabloid was “lying” either in its original report about his fiance’s mother’s objections to his marriage or in its retraction, says Hollywood star.

Kurds seize two oilfields as rift with Baghdad widens
The National 11 Jul 2014 – Feud between Kurdish Autonomous Region and Baghdad escalates after Kurdish security forces wrest control of refinery and oilfields.

Israeli vows to continue strikes as death toll passes 100
The National 11 Jul 2014 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will not bow to mounting international pressure to call off assault on Gaza Strip until rocket fire into Israel is stopped.

Kerry presses for audit to resolve disputed Afghan vote
The National 11 Jul 2014 – US secretary of state flies into Kabul to defuse tensions over disputed presidential election.

Jerusalem Post

Turkey says Israel’s Gaza offensive threatens rapprochement
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – “We cannot normalize (relations). First, this cruelty must end,” Erdogan said during a speech in the central Turkish city of Yozgat late on Thursday. 

More Iron Dome batteries to be rolled out in coming days as rocket attacks persist
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Defense Minister Ya’alon thanks Rafael and IAI for air defenses that have saved many lives. 

No longer in the dark: Big Brother housemates learn of deteriorating security situation
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – After 58 days disconnected from society and the news, tenants panic as they are instructed to rush to a safe room in house. 

WATCH: Security camera captures rocket strike at Ashdod gas station
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Footage shows moment of impact, ensuing flames from Gaza rocket attack that seriously injured one Israeli man. 

IDF kills Gaza terrorist said to be responsible for Palestinian rocket fire
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Since Friday morning, the IDF has killed seven Hamas terrorists and others involved in rocket fire. 

Report: Lebanon arrests man in connection to rocket fired at Israel
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Lebanese media says additional rockets prepared by unknown militants to be fired toward Israel found at launching site. 

Bnei Akiva decides not to fire head after his call for revenge following teens’ murder
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Int’l Zionist youth movement says it accepted apology from Secretary-General Rabbi Noam Perel over Facebook comments. 

Iron Dome intercepts 3 Gaza rockets over greater Tel Aviv
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Air raid sirens sound in Tel Aviv, surrounding cities in central Israel warning of attack; no injuries reported. 

Extreme reaction
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – What motivates the violent right-wing reaction witnessed over the past 10 days in response to the discovery of the bodies of the Jewish teens? 

Netivot woman: We were saved by a miracle
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – The rocket exploded mid-air above a pre-nursery on the kibbutz and struck a short distance away from the building. 

Analysis: Israel is looking for the ‘middle ground’ in Gaza
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – The security cabinet is trying to determine whether there may be a middle path between totally taking over Gaza, or having to go through what Israel is going through right now every few years. 

Congress suggests nuclear deal with Iran not sufficient without grand bargain
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Congress unlikely to lift sanctions on Iran if deal over its nuclear program fails to address ancillary concerns, lawmakers tell US president. 

Gaza rocket hits Ashdod gas station, one seriously injured
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – IAF strikes Gaza rocket launcher used in attack on Ashdod after volley of rockets targets southern and central Israel. 

Rocket from Lebanon lands in Upper Galilee, sirens blare in Haifa earlier
Jerusalem Post 11 Jul 2014 – Small radical organization fired rocket from Lebanon, not Hezbollah, source says; IDF returns fire from area where rocket was fired. 

Jerusalem mayor: Rockets don’t discriminate between Christians, Muslims and Jews
Jerusalem Post 10 Jul 2014 – Nir Barkat addresses terrorist attacks on city as 6 rockets land near capital; “We’re all in the exact same danger here,” he says. 

Converts marry in Beersheba under rocket fire from Gaza
Jerusalem Post 10 Jul 2014 – Ben-Dahan: Jewish people will continue its traditions in the Land of Israel, despite the threats from its enemies 

Individuals, organizations offer homes and resources to southern Israelis
Jerusalem Post 10 Jul 2014 – Yad Sarah volunteers have initiated phone calls to people who live alone to find out if they need anything. 

Videos show Lebanese jihadi group active in Gaza
Jerusalem Post 10 Jul 2014 – The Saraya Yehya Ayyash group has posted pictures and video of itself on social media, launching rockets from Gaza into Israel. 

Is IDF’s targeting of terrorists’ homes legally justified?
Jerusalem Post 10 Jul 2014 – At this stage there are more questions than answers – whether these attacks are legal and whether the smartest tactics are used. 

Into the Fray: The ruinous results of restraint
Jerusalem Post 10 Jul 2014 – Israel can no longer enable its citizens to “live normal lives” without retaking Gaza. “Restraint” and “proportionality” have so degraded its deterrence that it can no longer dissuade enemies from attacking almost at will. 

Another Tack: Eerily déjà vu
Jerusalem Post 10 Jul 2014 – Not only is the fundamental asymmetry between Jewish and Arab mindsets not understood abroad, but there’s no inclination to even consider it. 

Column One: Hamas’s (and Iran’s) fail-safe strategy
Jerusalem Post 10 Jul 2014 – Peace can only come to Israel and its neighbors when the Muslim world liberates itself from its hatred of Jews. 

The Guardian

Israel continues Gaza bombardment, pushing death toll past 120
The Guardian 12 Jul 2014 – Palestinian mosque hit and two people at charity for disabled reported to be among latest victims of Operation Protective Edge Israel has vowed no easing of its aerial bombardment of Gaza, which has killed at least…

Israel vows to continue bombarding Gaza as number of dead rises – video
The Guardian 12 Jul 2014 – As the number of Palestinians killed since Tuesday exceeds 120, Israel says it will continue its offensive in Gaza until Hamas militants are defeated. At least two disabled women were killed in Israeli shelling of a…

Martin Rowson on the Israel-Palestine conflict cartoon 
The Guardian 11 Jul 2014 – Continue reading…

Israeli PM vows there will be more air strikes on Gaza
The Guardian 11 Jul 2014 – Netanyahu shrugs off foreign criticism after top UN human rights official warns that air strikes could violate international law The UN’s top human rights official has called for an investigation into Israeli air strikes on Gaza,…

Fourth day of Israeli air attack on Gaza in pictures 
The Guardian 11 Jul 2014 – Israel has hit hundreds of Hamas targets in Gaza, and the Palestinian death toll continues to rise. The UN’s top human rights official has said the campaign may violate international laws prohibiting the targeting of civilians,…

Letter: Why our boycott campaign against Israel makes sense
The Guardian 11 Jul 2014 – It is now 10 years since the international court of justice ruled that the wall built by Israel in the occupied West Bank contravenes international law and must be removed. Israel is marking this anniversary with…

Tensions high in East Jerusalem as violence escalates
The Guardian 11 Jul 2014 – As Israeli air campaign continues, in a Palestinian district there is support for those firing rockets from Gaza Israeli police and military prepared for widespread protests in Jerusalem and across the West Bank as the fourth…

Ramadan in Gaza: life under missile-fire
The Guardian 11 Jul 2014 – More than 100 have died often women and children in their own homes and food prices are rising fast as supplies dry up In Gaza’s largely deserted streets, the first thing you notice is the absence…

Israel’s Gaza campaign may violate international law, says UN official
The Guardian 11 Jul 2014 – High commissioner for human rights says reports of civilians killed in strikes on homes raise doubt over legality of action Israel’s air campaign in Gaza may violate international laws prohibiting the targeting of civilians, the UN’s…

Arab world cartoonists prove a faster draw than their governments over Gaza
The Guardian 11 Jul 2014 – Paralysis of Arab League members over conflict as much a target of anger across region as Israel and US support for it Gaza’s suffering in the latest round of conflict with Israel has prompted anger and…

Questions over BBC’s coverage of Israel-Palestine crisis | @guardianletters
The Guardian 11 Jul 2014 – As the death toll among the illegally occupied and blockaded Palestinians races beyond 100 ( Report , 11 July), the world impotently looks on. It is time for supporters of social justice and human rights to be heard….

Inter Press Service

Syria’s Chemicals Haunt the Mediterranean
IPS By Apostolis Fotiadis ATHENS, Jul 11 2014 (IPS) Scientists and local communities are expressing serious concern about the ongoing destruction of Syria’s chemical arsenal on board a vessel in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. “Neutralisation” of the chemicals, including mustard gas and the raw materials for sarin nerve gas,…


Video of Border Police Beating Cousin of Martyred Palestinian Boy, Authorities Pursuing Israeli Suspects in Abu Khdeir Murder
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – Nana has published a video (featured in this Hebrew article) of the brutal beating of U.S. citizen, Tariq Khdeir, the cousin of Mohamed Abu Khdeir, who was murdered by Israeli extremists a few days ago in…

Autopsy: Murdered Palestinian Boy Burned Alive
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – Mohamed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped by suspected Israeli settler extremists and murdered two days ago in revenge for the killings of three Israeli youths in the West Bank. Today, the Palestinian pathologist who participated in the…

Wayward Drones and Other Tales
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – …One camera operator gave a chronically nervous pilot of a predator drone a helpful piece of advice while the pilot was waiting to take off: “Stop saying uh oh while you re flying. It s never…

The Evil That Was Phoenix
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – There s a reason the CIA wanted to prevent the publication of Douglas Valentine s 1986 book, The Phoenix Program: America s Use of Terror in Vietnam. This masterwork is more than an expose of the…

Who Decides for the Palestinians?
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – …Who should decide whether the BDS tactic is correct? The victims or Chomsky? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but does not elementary morality state that victims should decide upon the proper tactics and what level…

Palestinian boy Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned alive, says official
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – Mohamed Abu Khdeir, the Palestinian teenager who was kidnapped and murdered on Wednesday in a suspected revenge killing by Israeli extremists, was burned alive after suffering a head injury, the Palestinian attorney general has claimed. The…

Israel and the Palestinian Territories Lonely Planet: Systematic Erasure and Casual Racism
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – Haifa is a picturesque city of hills, gardens, and trendy cafes perched along the slopes of Mount Carmel in northern Israel. If the Lonely Planet guidebook is to be believed, Haifa is notable because Arabs and…

UK Drone FoI appeal set to reach Upper Tribunal
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – Later this month Drone Wars appeal against the MoD s refusal to answer two FoI requests about the use of UK drones in Afghanistan reaches the Upper Tribunal, the highest level of the FoI process in…

Six-month update: US covert actions in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – CIA drone strikes in Pakistan s tribal area resumed on June 11 with an attack that killed at least four people. The first attack since December 25 2013, this brought to an end the longest pause…

Iraq : It is time for the damage to be compensated 
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – On 10 June 2014 the President of GICJ, Hans-C von Sponeck, held a presentation under the title “Iraq – What Next?” during a hearing at the UK House of Commons, London. In his role as former…

URGENT APPEAL: Attend Palestinian-American child Tarek Abu Khdeir s court hearing on Sunday to protest his violent beating in Shofat by undercover Israeli police agents
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – Addameer is deeply concerned about the continued and intensified attacks on Palestinian children, especially in the Jerusalem area, as retribution for the discovery of the bodies of three settlers in Hebron after their disappearance on 12…

Israel s Self Constructed Image is Crumbling
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – The reignited cycle of violence in Palestine and Israel provides the Israeli government with exactly what it has been begging for months for, violence. However, for once, Israel may be facing a new fact of life-as…

American teen brutalized by Israeli police to be tried Sunday 
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – A Palestinian-American teen who was beaten, badly injured, and detained by undercover Israeli police officers in Jerusalem on Thursday is set to be tried Sunday, a rights group said. Tarek Abu Khdeir, 15, was beaten in the Shufat neighborhood at…

A Palestinian woman fears for her life on the Jerusalem light rail
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – Amjad Shbita, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, an activist in the Israeli Hadash-Maki party (Jewish and Palestinian socialists), who has also worked at the Knesset as a parliamentary assistant, introduces this harrowing account on Facebook by…

BBC: killing of 3 Israelis worse than “waves of violence” in Middle East
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – A BBC Middle East correspondent has made the astonishing claim that the killing of three Israeli youths in the West Bank last month is somehow more appalling than “the other waves of violence that we report…

Israel holds US boy without charge after police nearly beat him to death
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 -Fifteen-year-old Palestinian-American Tariq Abukhdeir, cousin of recent lynching victim Muhammed Abu Khudair, was brutally beaten by masked Israeli police on Thursday evening in the Shuafat neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem. He has since been arrested and held…

Video: Israeli shoves Palestinian woman into lake “just because”
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – This video is not particularly graphic, but it is shocking for the underlying hatred this act of violence reveals.It was posted on the Israeli “StatusHunter” Facebook page on 4 July with a comment from Facebook user…

Award-winning Palestinian novelist declares co-existence “a lie”
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – Sayed Kashua, the award-winning Palestinian author of Dancing Arabs, Let it be Morning and Exposure, who famously writes in Hebrew, has branded the idea of co-existence between Israeli Jews and Palestinians “a lie.” Kashua, who writes…

Kidnapped Palestinian teen was burned to death, autopsy shows
Uruknet 11 Jul 2014 – July 5, 2014 – The Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu Khudair who was kidnapped and murdered in Jerusalem early on Wednesday morning was burned to death by his killers. The news of the horrifying manner in which Muhammad was killed came…

Daily Star

Iraq forces beat back fresh militant assault on Haditha
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Iraqi forces and tribal fighters beat back a fresh assault by Sunni militants on the town of Haditha, strategic for the large nearby dam and its oil refinery.

Blair arrives in Cairo for talks over Gaza violence
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Mideast Quartet envoy Tony Blair arrives in Cairo for talks on ending the violence in Gaza, where Israeli air raids have killed more than 125 Palestinians this week.

Iraq sending 4,000 volunteers to help in Ramadi
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Iraqi authorities say some 4,000 volunteers are being dispatched to an embattled city west of Baghdad to help bolster government forces fighting Sunni militants there.

Egypt police arrest man for raping Russian tourist
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 CAIRO, July 12, 2014 (AFP) – Egyptian police said Saturday they have arrested a driver for raping a Russian tourist in a resort town, as the government cracks down on an epidemic of sexual harassment and…

Bassil calls for free trade pact with Brazil
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Gebran Bassil calls for an increase in Lebanese exports to Brazil , urging South American countries to adopt free trade agreements with Lebanon during his visit.

Siniora: Palestinians should learn from Lebanon’s 2006 war
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Fouad Siniora says Palestinians should unite in the face of Israeli aggression as a key to success, similar to how the Lebanese stood united in the 2006 war.

Britain ‘extremely concerned’ by Gaza deaths
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 British foreign secretary says he is “extremely concerned” about the loss of life in Gaza, a departure from Britain’s expressed support for the campaign.

Israel to evacuate foreigners from Gaza
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 The Israeli army has approved requests to evacuate 800 foreigners from the Gaza Strip.

Yemen tribesmen blow up main oil export pipeline
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Tribesmen blow up Yemen’s main oil pipeline, halting deliveries from oil fields in the interior to the Ras Isa export terminal on the Red Sea, provincial and tribal sources say.

Hezbollah, Hamas coordinating on the ground: official
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Hamas official Osama Hamdan says that his party coordinates on the ground with Hezbollah and that the Palestinian group can confront a ground operation by Israel.

Hamas media war targets Israelis and Palestinians
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 A five-minute video is part of a slick propaganda program designed by Hamas and its armed Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades wing.

Lavrov’s absence clouds Iran nuke talks
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 Decisions by the foreign ministers of Russia and China to skip talks on Iran’s nuclear program this weekend are further denting expectations of a deal by July 20.

Roadside bomb kills eight Afghan civilians: official
Daily Star 12 Jul 2014 A roadside bomb kills eight civilians traveling in a vehicle in a volatile district of southern Afghanistan, officials say, days after the U.N. reported a surge in civilian casualties.

YNet News

Code red sirens heard in Be’er Sheva
YNet News, 12 Jul 2014 – ….

Egypt: We’re working with Blair, international bodies to reach cease-fire agreement
YNet News, 12 Jul 2014 – ….

Code red sirens heard in Sderot
YNet News, 12 Jul 2014 – ….

Gaza Health Officials confirm 6 casualties in IAF attack on Gaza City
YNet News, 12 Jul 2014 – ….

Homefront Command: Remain in shelters 10 min after code red
YNet News, 12 Jul 2014 – ….

IAF Chief: No need for ground op, let Air Force continue attacks
YNet News, 12 Jul 2014 – Analysis: IAF commander Eshel is trying to convince security leadership that Air Force can get job done without ground incursion. ….

A new kind of ground operation in Gaza
YNet News, 11 Jul 2014 – The IDF has learned from bitter experience, but sending troops into the Strip will be neither a picnic nor a walk in the park. ….

Putin hosts rabbis to discuss war on anti-Semitism
YNet News, 11 Jul 2014 – Russian president assures delegation of Israeli and European rabbis that his country will do everything possible to prevent recurrence of tragedy like Holocaust. ….

In praise of restrained leadership 
YNet News, 11 Jul 2014 – Op-ed: Israel needs leaders who match the spirit of the era, who understand that there isn’t one war which ends all wars. ….


Fact Sheet on Ongoing Israeli Aggression in Palestine
WAFA – 11 Jul 2014


Israel Says It Struck a Gaza Mosque Containing Weapons
New York Times 12 Jul 2014 – The Israeli military’s statement Saturday said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad “systematically use mosques to conceal weaponry and establish underground tunnel networks.” 

Rift With Kurds Widens as Iraqi Leader Replaces the Foreign Minister
New York Times 11 Jul 2014 – Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki’s decision to replace Hoshyar Zebari came as Kurds seized two oil production facilities in Kirkuk Province. 

Israeli Leader Calls for ‘Full Force’ in Effort to Quell Hamas Rocket Attacks
New York Times 11 Jul 2014 – Deadly Israeli airstrikes and persistent Palestinian rocket attacks indicate the two sides are set on a course of further escalation. 

In Gaza, Airstrikes and Economic Stress Make for an Anxious Ramadan
New York Times 11 Jul 2014 – The conflict aside, the new military-dominated government of Egypt has largely shut the tunnel system that fed the Gazan economy, making this holy month a difficult one. 

News Analysis: For Israelis and Palestinians, Separation Is Dehumanizing
New York Times 11 Jul 2014 – Israelis and Palestinians once worked and socialized together. Increasing separation has made them strangers who distrust and fear each other. 

Palestinian Death Toll Nears 100 as Hamas Promises More Attacks on Israel
New York Times 11 Jul 2014 – The two sides appeared to be set on a course of continuing escalation, while a rocket launched from Lebanon raised the specter of confrontation on a second front. 

Open Source: Rumor and Leaks Fill a Void as Israel Silences Press Over Killings
New York Times 10 Jul 2014 – Israeli officials used gag orders in recent weeks to stifle reporting on two investigations into the abduction and murder of four teenagers. 

Killing of Palestinian Youth Puts an Israeli Focus on Extremism
New York Times 10 Jul 2014 – Some are observing a generational shift as Jewish youth in Israel express a distinct anti-Arab attitude that was not learned in the home. 

Kerry to Join Talks on Iran as Deadline Draws Near
New York Times 10 Jul 2014 – The Obama administration said that Secretary of State John Kerry would fly to Vienna to assess whether a deal is possible in talks on Iran’s nuclear activities. 

World Briefing: Bahrain: Opposition Under Fire
New York Times 10 Jul 2014 – The government charged two leaders of Bahrain’s largest opposition group with illegally meeting an American official. 

Kurdish Government Calls on Maliki to Quit as Iraqi Premier
New York Times 10 Jul 2014 – The political fissure in Iraq was widened, and the Iraqi government alerted a United Nations monitoring agency that Sunni militants had seized low-grade nuclear material. 

Gaza Deaths Spike in 3rd Day of Air Assaults While Rockets Hit Israel
New York Times 10 Jul 2014 – At least 78 Palestinians were said to have died as of Thursday, while rocket attacks from Gaza reached new areas in Israel. 

In Rubble of Gaza Seaside Cafe, Hunt for Victims Who Had Come for Soccer
New York Times 10 Jul 2014 – At least eight people were killed by a missile, apparently targeting what Israel’s military later described as a single terrorist. 

The players may change, but the game remains the same: The use of racism to justify the massacre of innocent civilians in Gaza
Mondoweiss – (Image: YouTube) Israel continues its aerial bombardment of Gaza, which at the time of this writing has resulted in about 100 Palestinian deaths and many more injured. Yet surely all who remain informed about this subject have heard the oft-repeated phrase from American politicians about Israel’s…

Joining Graham, Schumer calls for end of Palestinian unification for sake of Israel’s ‘survival’
Mondoweiss – Schumer, official portrait Inevitable but dismal and tragic: Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Robert Menendez join Republicans Kelly Ayotte and Lindsey Graham in sponsoring a resolution calling for an end to the unification government of Palestine. And anything Israel wants to do to defend itself, fine. The…

‘American Jewish voices are most critical in the world’ (to end idea that Jewish lives matter more)
Mondoweiss – Eran Efrati Jewish Voice for Peace sent out the email below today, from Eran Efrati. The headline was: “I’m asking you as an Israeli–we need you to tell Israeli leaders you won’t accept racism, you won’t accept human rights violations, you won’t accept occupation and the…

‘Protective Edge’ has nothing to do with protection
Mondoweiss – I just flew overnight from Tel Aviv to New York. As I dozed in my seat, crossing the Atlantic, Israeli forces killed some 30 Palestinians in Gaza, bringing the death toll up past 80 on the beginning of third day of Israel’s latest air offensive on…

Gaza hospital struck by missiles; int’l volunteers gather to protect it
Mondoweiss – El Wafa Hospital, struck by missile International volunteers in Gaza say the IDF has fired five ‘warning’ missiles at el-Wafa geriatric hospital in Gaza City, Gaza. The hospital, which serves as a rehabilitation center for people above the age of 60 – including, in the past,…

Soul-crushing video shows Gaza father unable to accept his little boy’s killing
Mondoweiss – Please don’t open this video if you don’t wish to know what horrific violence is being visited on Palestinian families with the support of the U.S. government. Don’t open it if you don’t wish to have scarred into your mind the devotion and nurturing and wild…

Israel’s message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die
Mondoweiss – Palestinians search in the rubble of a destroyed house where eight members of the Al Haj family were killed in a strike early morning in Khan Younis refugee camp, southern Gaza Strip on Thursday, July 10, 2014. (Photo: AP/Khalil Hamra) The Kerry initiative may have ended…

Terror in Gaza: 57 seconds after ‘warning,’ Israel destroys a house
Mondoweiss – Israel claims it is warning civilians about missile strikes by “roof knocking.” Israeli army spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner made that claim to a credulous Wolf Blitzer last night on CNN. We tap harmlessly on roofs, he said, so the residents can leave. Max Blumenthal just…

Protest the Israeli onslaught: Demonstrations planned worldwide against Israeli attack on Gaza
Mondoweiss – Activists around the nation and the world are taking to the streets to demand an end to the Israeli assault on Gaza. In New York City, Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel has called an emergency vigil and flyering event tonight -…

Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer gives pro-war pep talk to Christian Zionists
Mondoweiss – Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Photo: Newscom/Shahar Azran) Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer defended the Israeli military’s conduct during “Operation Protective Edge” Thursday night, telling the group Christians United for Israel (CUFI) that every civilian death…

Israel and Gaza trade fresh fire 
BBC 12 Jul 2014 – Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip continue to trade fire after Israel vows to press on with its offensive to stop rocket attacks.

Defiant Benjamin Netanyahu Vows To Press Gaza Attack as Toll Reaches 115 
The Foward Breaking News 12 Jul 2014 – Israel pounded Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Saturday for a fifth day, killing nine people including two disabled women according to medics, and showed no sign of pausing despite international pressure to negotiate a ceasefire. Click here for the rest of the article…

Iran Nuclear Talks Deadline Looms With Little Angst About Extension 
The Forward New 12 Jul 2014 – As the deadline nears for a nuclear deal with Iran, all sides seem resigned to an extension. Even Israel is no longer beating war drums over the supposed existential threat posed by Tehran. Click here for the rest of the article…

VIDEO: World Cup takes over Beirut streets 
BBC 12 Jul 2014 – As the World Cup draws to a close, football fans in Lebanon have been enjoying the action – despite the fact that their country has not been involved in the tournament.

VIDEO: Baby rescued from rubble in Aleppo 
BBC 11 Jul 2014 – A two-month-old baby has been rescued from under rubble in the war-battered city of Aleppo in Syria.

American Jewish Leaders Plan Solidarity Trip to Israel 
The Foward Breaking News 11 Jul 2014 – The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is organizing a solidarity visit by U.S. Jewish leaders to Israel. Click here for the rest of the article…

VIDEO: Israel defends Gaza military campaign 
BBC 11 Jul 2014 – Israel will resist foreign pressure to halt its operations in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

How Jewish Summer Camps Are Coping With Murders of Israeli Teenagers 
The Forward New 11 Jul 2014 – The murders of three Israeli teenagers took place just as Jewish summer camps were opening for the season. How much should children be told about the tumult in the Middle East? Click here for the rest of the article…

Australian Beaten for Wearing IDF T-Shirt 
The Foward Breaking News 11 Jul 2014 – A Melbourne man wearing an IDF t-shirt said two Arabic-speaking men assaulted him on the street. Click here for the rest of the article…

Jewish-Led Protests Draw 1,000 as Anger Erupts Over Israel Attack on Gaza 
The Foward Breaking News 11 Jul 2014 – Protests against Israel organized by Jewish Voice for Peace drew a thousand demonstrators in 15 cities, organizers said. Click here for the rest of the article…

Americans College Students Try To Stay Chill in Israel War Zone 
The Forward New 11 Jul 2014 – American exchange students are trying to have fun as usual despite the Mideast crisis erupting around them. It helps that their Israeli pals have seen it all before. Click here for the rest of the article…

Why Jews in Israel and Diaspora Share Fate 
The Forward Editorial 11 Jul 2014 – EDITORIAL : As sirens blare in Israel and bombs flatten Gaza, this is a time when the gulf between Jews there and here seems wider than ever. But our fates are still intertwined. Click here for the rest of the article…

Iraq forces ‘killed Sunni prisoners’ 
BBC 12 Jul 2014 – Iraqi forces and affiliated militias appear to have executed at least 255 prisoners in June while fleeing advancing Isis militants, a rights group says.

Iraqi Kurds seize two oilfields 
BBC 12 Jul 2014 – Iraqi Kurdish forces have taken over two oilfields amid a growing dispute with the government in Baghdad, Iraqi and Kurdish sources say.

Gaza: Why don’t the Palestinians go to bomb shelters? 
Al-Akhbar Politics 12 Jul 2014 – A Palestinian family stand at the balcony of their house as they look at a neighboring building which was targeted in an Israeli military strike in Gaza City on July 12, 2014. (Photo: AFP-Mohammed Abed) A Palestinian family stand at the balcony of their house as…

Iran back in Capitol Hill’s cross hairs 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – A look at the Middle East issues Congress will be addressing the week of July 14.

France gets new Iran negotiator 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – France Taps Veteran diplomat Nicolas de Rivière to succeed Jacques Audibert as political director and lead negotiator for the P5+1 talks.

Seeking missing sons in Syria 
BBC 11 Jul 2014 – The Belgians trying to win their sons back from Isis militants

US, Iran hold ‘intensive, useful’ talks as negotiations intensify 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – U.S. and Iranian diplomats have had two days of productive talks in Geneva, but gaps remain.

Iranian military vows to uphold cultural norms 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – Iran’s military has called the breaking of cultural norms a national security threat and urges all government institutions to help it enforce the law.

What can Israel and Hamas gain from latest conflict? 
BBC 11 Jul 2014 – What can Israel and Hamas gain from latest fighting?

The Palestinian Resistance also engaging in psychological warfare 
Al-Akhbar Politics 11 Jul 2014 – A general view of the eastern part of the Gaza Strip from Gaza City, on July 10, 2014. (Photo: AFP-Thomas Coex) A general view of the eastern part of the Gaza Strip from Gaza City, on July 10, 2014. (Photo: AFP-Thomas Coex) At the start of…

Kerry to press Iran to make ‘critical choices’ for nuclear accord 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – US Secretary of State John Kerry and European foreign ministers are working to assess whether an Iran nuclear deal can be reached by the July 20 deadline.

Erdogan: Gaza strife threatens Turkish-Israeli rapprochement 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, unlike previous instances, gave a relatively measured response to the Israeli operations in Gaza — but says they threaten prospects for Turkish reconciliation.

Netanyahu, Ya’alon prefer airstrikes over ground attack 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – Lessons learned from the second Lebanon war, international objections and politics are all playing a part in Turkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to postpone a Gaza ground attack.

Lebanon’s only public university latest victim of the sectarian system 
Al-Akhbar Politics 11 Jul 2014 – Professors from the Lebanese University hold a sit in at Riad al-Solh Square in Beirut. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) Professors from the Lebanese University hold a sit in at Riad al-Solh Square in Beirut. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) The sectarian quota system is more important than public interest….

Moroccan royal decree forbids political activity for imams 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – The recently issued royal decree in Morocco raised considerable controversy about the separation between religion and politics.

Who fired the rockets from Lebanon? 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – The group who fired two rockets into Israel is unknown, but the Lebanese army is tracking a suspect who may resolve the mystery.

Iraqi minorities victim of sectarian conflict 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – The minorities in Iraq are subject to religious restrictions in the areas controlled by the Islamic State, which might lead to their extinction.

Egypt distances itself from Gaza war 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – Egypt is not playing an active role to mediate a cease-fire, as it has done in previous confrontations between Israel and Hamas, suggesting that it might prefer Israel delivering a blow to Hamas.

Israeli launches online effort to map air-raid shelters 
Al-Monitor 11 Jul 2014 – A new Israeli initiative calls for crowd-sourced mapping of air-raid shelters.

Lebanon: Tripoli politicians accuse each other for growing unrest in the city 
Al-Akhbar Politics 11 Jul 2014 – Lebanese army personal arrest a man in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli. (Photo: AFP) Lebanese army personal arrest a man in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli. (Photo: AFP) Forty-eight hours after a new wave of protests hit Tripoli demanding the release of detainees held…


The true Gaza back-story that the Israelis aren’t telling this week 
Robert Fisk, The Independent 7/9/2014
A future Palestine state will have no borders and be an enclave within Israel, surrounded on all sides by Israeli-held territory
OK, so by this afternoon, the exchange rate of death in two days was 40-0 in favour of Israel. But now for the Gaza story you won’t be hearing from anyone else in the next few hours.It’s about land. The Israelis of Sederot are coming under rocket fire from the Palestinians of Gaza and now the Palestinians are getting their comeuppance. Sure. But wait, how come all those Palestinians – all 1.5 million – are crammed into Gaza in the first place? Well, their families once lived, didn’t they, in what is now called Israel? And got chucked out – or fled for their lives – when the Israeli state was created.
And – a drawing in of breath is now perhaps required – the people who lived in Sederot in early 1948 were not Israelis, but Palestinian Arabs. Their village was called Huj. Nor were they enemies of Israel. Two years earlier, these same Arabs had actually hidden Jewish Haganah fighters from the British Army. But when the Israeli army turned up at Huj on 31 May 1948, they expelled all the Arab villagers – to the Gaza Strip! Refugees, they became. David Ben Gurion (Israel’s first Prime Minister) called it an “unjust and unjustified action”. Too bad. The Palestinians of Huj were never allowed back.
And today, well over 6,000 descendants of the Palestinians from Huj – now Sederot – live in the squalor of Gaza, among the “terrorists” Israel is claiming to destroy and who are shooting at what was Huj. Interesting story.
And same again for Israel’s right to self-defence. We heard it again today. What if the people of London were being rocketed like the people of Israel? Wouldn’t they strike back? Well yes, but we Brits don’t have more than a million former inhabitants of the UK cooped up in refugee camps over a few square miles around Hastings. more.. e-mail

The Problem of the Settler State 
Dr. Bernard Sabella, Arabic Media Internet Network (AMIN) 7/6/2014
The tragic violent developments that we have witnessed since the failure of the latest peace efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry and his team are a preview of how life will be under a Settler State. If the present state of affairs with Israeli Jewish settlers in the West Bank is to persist, then more expansion of settlements is in order with more settlers, presently at over 350,000 in the West Bank and over 200,000 in East Jerusalem, are expected to double in the next ten years. Settlers with their right and ultra-right ideology especially those in the West Bank are becoming a formidable force in Israeli political life beside their influence in the army and in other important state institutions and ministries. Settlers break international law by the mere act of settlement in the occupied Palestinian territory as settlements are considered illegal. Settlers ignore international law and consensus on the illegality of settlements and they live by their own laws as they receive support from the Israeli political and military establishments. A settler state that is consolidating out of the West Bank will not only affect relations with the indigenous Palestinians negatively but will eventually imprint Israel itself and its institutions with the settler ideology, some would argue that it already had, that would be oblivious to international legal obligations and to the need of reaching a political solution with the Palestinians. This settler state would make a two-state solution an impossibility but it would not also entertain the possibility of a one-state solution. Hence an Israeli settler state would have to rely on means and methods of security and control beside outright discrimination in order to maintain itself and its survival.
Some reflections on the most recent developments, taking into consideration the growing consolidation of the settler state are in order.
First, the “security and control” argument of the Israeli settlers and their right wing supporters in both the Israeli government and army does not hold, as shown following the disappearance and killing of the three young settlers and the brutal killing of the Palestinian youngster in Jerusalem. If these incidents are an indication, then they simply point to the unfeasibility of having settlers live “normally” in the Occupied Palestinian Territory…. more.. e-mail

Israel Conference on Peace – is this serious or a joke?!? 
Nassar Ibrahim, Alternative Information Center 7/7/2014
The Israel Conference on Peace is indeed Israeli, in text and spirit, so what is the Palestinian leadership doing there?
Participation in the Israel Conference on Peace is not a slip or miscalculation by the Palestinian leadership, but a conscious option of a socio-political class which does not reflect the interests of the majority of its people.
The Israeli newspaper Haaretz is organising the Israel Conference on Peace, scheduled for Tuesday July 8, 2014, at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv. A pre-recorded speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be screened. Also participating from the Palestinian side are Dr. Saeb Erekat (who cancelled his participation “out of respect to the feelings of the Palestinian people and pain over the developments of the last few days”; businessman Munib Al-Masri (who also cancelled his participation for the same reasons), Dr. Ahmad Tibi (who also cancelled his participation…). From the Israeli side we have Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Tzipi Livni, Labor Party chairman Yitzhak Herzog, former chairman of the council of settlements Danny Dayan and all the way to the EU ambassador in Israel, Faaborg-Andersen (for more details of the conference schedule). 
Is this serious or just a joke?
Palestinian blood is flowing while the Palestinian leadership is celebrating “the Israel conference on peace”! Israeli planes howl and destroy what has been destroyed numerous times before, Jerusalem is covered with the ashes of its martyrs…this and so much more going on and the Palestinian leadership is busy with the Israeli conference on peace! Wait, there is no problem, for just to be at Tel Aviv’s Intercontinental Hotel is also struggle!!!!
Is this serious, a farce or just a joke?!? In fact, it is both a joke and farcical…. more.. e-mail

On Israel’s genocidal nature 
Press TV, Redress 7/5/2014
Interview with Gilad Atzmon – “They always try to find an outer motive that diverts attention from the murderous and genocidal and plunderous nature of the Jewish state.”
Press TV has conducted an interview with Gilad Atzmon, a political commentator, from London, about the violent reaction by the Israeli prime minister and Israeli settlers to the confirmed deaths of three missing Israeli settlers.
The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.
[Press TV] What is your reaction to how things have unfolded now after three weeks where we have the three settlers found dead and you have now a reaction coming – still not proven – but many deducting that extreme settlers were responsible for this?
An Israeli police spokesman has said that the main direction right now that Israeli police is looking at is whether the incident was criminal or nationalistic.
[Gilad Atzmon] Yes, I can imagine that this is what the Israelis would do when a Palestinian is murdered by Israelis, either military forces or just settlers.
They always try to find an outer motive that diverts attention from the murderous and genocidal and plunderous nature of the Jewish state.
I don’t like to talk about particularities – I think the situation on the ground is indeed grave – I like to understand how is it possible that the Jewish state that was supposed to launch a beautiful Jewish homecoming…. more.. e-mail

“worse than yesterday deterioration more target killing of civilians with threat of the ground operation”
In Gaza: 11 Jul 2014 – A ball of fire is seen following an early morning Israeli air strike in Rafah in the southern of Gaza strip. Photograph: Said Khatib/AFP/Getty Images Watch this video for a sense of the terror of having houses around you bombed. The usual tactic is a first strike followed immediately, sometimes within a minute, by the massive bomb which obliterates the house. This is what Palestinians are enduring. The UN has weakly expressed concern whether “ the Israel i strikes have been in accordance with international humanitarian law and international human rights law.”…To borrow a friend’s expression, Tfooooo!!! , on you UN. Useless institution that only weakly utters condemnation on the Zionists and on the Takfiris in Syria and which enabled the Zionists to occupy Palestine, enabled NATO to bomb Libya to shreds and is in general complicit wherever a nation is being torn apart. The Guardian reported : “…in a televised statement…more

Israel Awakens the Palestine It Tried to Crush
Palestine Chronicle: 11 Jul 2014 – By Ramzy Baroud When the bodies of three Israeli settlers – two teenagers, Aftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaar, both 16, and Eyal Yifrach, 19 – were found on 30 June near Hebron in the southern West Bank, Israel went into a state of mourning and a wave of sympathy flowed from around the world. The three had disappeared 18 days earlier in circumstances that remain unclear. The entire episode, particularly after its grim ending, seemed to traumatize Israelis into ignoring harsh truths about the settlers and the militarisation of their society. For instance, one of the three has since been accused of humiliating Palestinian prisoners, while another was reportedly an occupation soldier . Amid a portrayal of the three as hapless youths, although one was a 19-year-old soldier, commentators have failed to provide badly needed context to events. Few, if any, assigned the blame where it was most deserved – on expansionist…more

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