Gaza News Links 12-13 July 2014

13 July 2014 22:09:51  —

Israel mobilizes 20,000 troops for possible ground attack along Gaza border (SCF)

Thousands flee northern Gaza (BBC)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Human cost of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza towns continues to rise (The Independent)

Israel’s long history of carrying out massacres & genocide against Palestinians (The Greanville Post)

The Bullet: Statements of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (Socialist Project)

#GazaUnderAttack – Day 7 – WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT (Sabbah)

Israel’s Crimes against Humanity: 18 From One Family Killed In Gaza (Global Research)

Florida Congresswoman sides with Israeli police over her own brutalized teenage constituent (Mondoweiss)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Frankfurt police agree to let anti-Israel protesters use their megaphone ‘to help calm down crowds’ (The Independent)

Tunisia: Tunisia and France Strive Together for Ceasefire in Gaza (presidency) (

Jewish activists light children’s dolls on fire at Yad Vashem to protest Gaza attack (Mondoweiss)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli ‘knock on roof’ missile warning technique revealed in remarkable video (The Independent)

Israel, Palestine hold all the cards in crisis settlement, but some creativity needed – expert (Voice of Russia)

In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Update) (Mondoweiss)

Urgent call from Gaza civil society: Act now! (Mondoweiss)

Gaza war spreads as rockets are launched into Israel from southern Lebanon (Mondoweiss)

Israel’s Terror State and the Attack on the People of Gaza (Global Research)

Hostilities in Gaza and Israel, UN Situation Report as of 12 July 2014 (Sabbah)

Video: While the world watches Gaza, protests rage across the West Bank (Mondoweiss)

Facts All US Citizens Need to Know About Israel and Palestine (Global Research)

Save Gaza Today; Tomorrow May Be Too Late! (Global Research)

Gaza: ‘We Stay Together, or we Leave this World Together’ (Global Research)

Israel viciously bombs Gaza, that’s the only truth (Mondoweiss)

PCHR_e: 156 Palestinians Killed, of Whom 132 Are Civilians, Including 35 Children and 26 Women, and 934 Others Wounded, Mostly Civilians, Including 280 Children and 194 Women (InI)

I am not a Pacifist (Craig Murray)

Israel warns of north Gaza strikes (BBC)

In solidarity with #GazaUnderAttack from around the world (Sabbah)

Ceasefire in Gaza Strip is ‘absolute priority’ – France’s FM Fabius (Voice of Russia)

Israel-Gaza conflict: ‘Sderot cinema’ image shows Israelis with popcorn and chairs ‘cheering as missiles strike Palestinian targets’ (The Independent)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli military launches first ground incursion into Gaza (The Independent)

Covering for Israeli War Crimes: CNN, Palestinians Want to Die (Horrific Photos Included) (4th Media)

Palestine: Urgent call from Gaza civil society: act now against Israel’s apartheid! (Links)

Israel strikes hit Gaza security HQ (BBC)

Palestinian PSYWAR Reported in Israel (4th Media)

Israel launches first ground operation in Gaza since offensive began (Voice of Russia)

Israeli airstrike hits home of Gaza police chief, death toll continues to rise (RT)

Israeli navy commandos enter Gaza to raid missile launch site (RT)

The real reason behind Israel’s brutalizing Gaza (The Greanville Post)

Given US/UK/Israel wars and lust for more, what do two ‘supreme Law’ treaties say about lawful and unlawful war? (WashingtonsBlog)

The Palestinian toll: whole families killed since Israel unleashed its disproportionate attack (The Greanville Post)

Urgent call from Gaza civil society: Act now! (The Electronic Intifada)

Israel-Gaza conflict: UN calls for ceasefire as Israelis muster for ground attack (The Independent)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Medics struggle to treat Gaza’s casualties as clean water and fuel run dangerously low (The Independent)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli air strike destroys home for the disabled killing two women residents (The Independent)

12 July 2014

Uri Avnery – The Atrocity (Veterans Today)

Palestinian resistance, the necessity of three fronts (open Democracy)

Gaza death toll hits 135 as Israel and Hamas defy truce calls (Voice of Russia)

The Carnage of Gaza (The Greanville Post)

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