Gaza News Links 22-23 July 2014

23 July 2014 16:37:42  —

‘Heartbreaking’ is U.S. government’s talking point for Gaza massacre (Mondoweiss)

32 Israelis, 650 Palestinians killed over 16 days of standoff (ITAR-TASS)

‘We know that Israel has no red line when it attacks us’: Civilians bear the brunt as Israel’s offensive on Gaza continues (Mondoweiss)

Tear down the walls: international solidarity march for Palestine, sanctions for Israel (Open Democracy)

‘Slate’ blames Birthright for indoctrinating American Jew who was killed fighting for Israel (Mondoweiss)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Most British Jews feel they are blamed for actions of Israeli government (The Independent)

Putin confirms readiness to settle Palestinian-Israeli conflict (ITAR-TASS)

Another Massacre in Gaza, This Time in Khan Younis (Global Research)

The green line is gone: Hundreds of Palestinian citizens of Israel detained following protests (Mondoweiss)

Israel’s ‘defeat’ (Mondoweiss)

Something you can do, wherever you are (Mondoweiss)

Humanitarian agencies warn of imminent water crisis in Gaza (Mondoweiss)

US plays decisive role in Israel’s attack on Gaza (Mondoweiss)

International Scientists and Doctors Denounce Israeli “Crimes Against Humanity” in Gaza (Global Research)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and “Police Militarization”: The Coming Calamity, The Coming Resistance (Global Research)

I’d fire rockets at Israel, if I lived in Gaza (Veterans Today)

Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 17 (Sabbah)

‘Palestinians are Warsaw Ghetto prisoners of today’ (RT)

PCHR_e 23 July 2014: On the 16th Day of the Israeli Offensive: Dozens of Palestinian Civilians Killed or Wounded by Israeli Attacks; More Palestinians Forcibly Displaced in Border Areas (InI)

Hostilities in Gaza, UN Situation Report as of 22 July 2014 (Sabbah)

How Britain profits from the attack on Gaza By Ian Dunt (InI)

Egypt: Kerry in Cairo to Push for Gaza Ceasefire (

Israel-Gaza conflict: John Kerry arrives in Tel Aviv to broker peace deal amid travel ban (The Independent)

UK politician under fire for anti-Israel tweet (RT)

UN warns of Israel Gaza ‘war crimes’ (BBC)

64 Public Figures like Chomsky, including 7 Nobel Laureates, Call for Arms Embargo on Israel & Accuse Their ‘War Crimes and Possible Crimes against Humanity’ (4th Media)

Israel maybe guilty of war crimes – UN Human Rights Chief (RT)

But what does Tinder make of the Israel-Gaza conflict? (The Independent)

Massive Attack make Gaza statement using headline stage at Longitude Festival (The Independent)

MH17 and Gaza: Two different elite reactions (RT)

Abbas backs Hamas Gaza truce demands (BBC)

Israel’s military operation in Gaza: two weeks of deadly warfare (ITAR-TASS)

Lib Dem MP criticised for Gaza tweet (BBC)

Al Jazeera’s Gaza bureau fired on after threats from Israeli government (WSWS)

Residents of Toledo, Ohio demonstrate against Gaza slaughter (WSWS)

How the German Left Party backs Israel’s war against Gaza (WSWS)

Kerry’s diplomacy aids Israeli bloodbath in Gaza (WSWS)

Participants in UN Security Council debates back Egypt’s peace initiative in Gaza Strip (ITAR-TASS)

Wall Street Journal Argument that Gazan Civilians Aren’t Innocent Is the Exact Same One Bin Laden Used To Justify 9/11 (WashingtonsBlog)

Confused about Hamas, ‘rockets’, war in Gaza? Those plus: Israeli occupation, lawful versus unlawful war, Israel illegal weapons, targeting hospitals (WashingtonsBlog)

July 22nd Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo: A normal day in Iraq (Vineyard of the Saker)

Journalist attacked by ‘angry Israeli’ during live report on Gaza (VIDEO) (RT)

The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce (Mondoweiss)

22 July 2014

Palestinian radicals fire over 90 missiles at Israel in past 24 hours (ITAR-TASS)

Telegenically Dead: Israel’s Crumbling Media War (Dissident Voice)

MSNBC Commentator: I Was Canceled Because I Criticized Network’s Pro-Israel Coverage (The Greanville Post)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Lib Dem MP in new controversy after backing Hamas rocket attacks (The Independent)

UN Human Rights Council to meet over situation in occupied Palestinian territory (ITAR-TASS)

Who Wants All Your Attention on “Hamas” and “Rockets,” and Why (WashingtonsBlog)

Watch: 9 Jewish activists arrested after occupying Friends of the Israel Defense Forces office (Mondoweiss)

Why Israel Needs Anti-Semitism (Global Research)

Heartrending Gaza: Reporter breaks into tears live on air (VIDEO) (RT)

No ceasefire without justice for Gaza (The Electronic Intifada)

The coming struggle over Palestine (Open Democracy)

You are not Alone: To Palestinians on July 20, 2014 (Mondoweiss)

Monsters! (Veterans Today)

VIDEO: ‘Miracle’ survivor of Gaza blast (BBC)

Israel-Gaza conflict: US Airlines and Delta Air Lines cancel flights to Israel after rocket strike near Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv (The Independent)

Mr. Modi– do not court apartheid Israel in my name (Mondoweiss)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Families search for a place of safety from the violence, but the frontline is everywhere in Gaza (The Independent)

UN chief: ‘Start talking’ over Gaza (BBC)

Medical Aid as a Weapon (Dissident Voice)

Arab reporters come under attack from Israelis (Mondoweiss)

‘Telegenically Dead’: Israel’s crumbling media war (Mondoweiss)

How Britain Profits from the Attack on Gaza

Hamas Win Leaves Netanyahoo and U.S. Position In Shambles (Moon of Alabama)

Israeli Crimes and World Hypocrisy (The Greanville Post)

The Victims of Gaza: A List of 627 Palestinians Killed in Israel’s Ongoing Assault (Global Research)

VIDEO: ‘Scenes of devastation’ in Gaza City (BBC)

(4th Media)Once it was Nazis Leveling the Warsaw Ghetto, Now it’s Israel’s IDF Leveling Gaza (THis Can’t Be Happening)

Israeli Peace Movement Members Shouted Down and Physically Attacked (Global Research)

Why Israel Needs Anti-Semitism(The Greanville Post)

US Jews occupy Israeli army support office in NY in civil disobedience action (Mondoweiss)

Gaza onslaught is p.r. problem for Israel’s ‘moral authority’ — Albright (Mondoweiss)

Turkey’s Erdogan: ‘I stopped talking to Obama’ (RT)

South Africa: Zuma to Send Delegation to Israel Over Gaza Invasion (

What’s Being Ignored for Ukraine, Gaza Strip News? (Bloomberg)

Video: “We Are Going Through Hell” – Report from Gaza (InI)

“Blood Diamonds” Financing War Crimes in Gaza. President of London Diamond Bourse: “We Must ‘Finish the Job’” (Global Research)

Gaza Death Toll Crosses 500: Israeli Airstrikes and Artillery Assaults Target Entire Palestinian Families (Global Research)

Gaza: The Story of a Palestinian Father who Lost his Children in the Darkness (Global Research)

Major American and European airlines suspend flights to and from Israel (RT)

Gaza’s Resistance Will Not be Crushed (Dissident Voice)

Why I vowed not to have children in Gaza (The Electronic Intifada)

UNICEF: 121 Palestinian children killed, 904 injured in Gaza by Israeli strikes (ITAR-TASS)

UK shadow govt leader opposes Israeli invasion (RT)

Naomi Wolf walked out of synagogue when they had nothing to say about Gaza massacre

What, really, is (or was) Netanyahu’s game plan? (Alan Hart)

Burning children (Mondoweiss)

War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity Continue in the Israeli-Occupied Palestine (Video Only for Mature Audience) (4th Media)

Israel-Gaza conflict (The Independent)

“Unimaginably Catastrophic”: As Gaza’s Displaced Top 100,000, Israel Reportedly Shells U.N. School (Democracy Now!)

Israeli Writer Gideon Levy: If Netanyahu Wants to Stop the Rockets, He Needs to Accept a Just Peace (Democracy Now!)

How the West Chose War in Gaza: Crisis Tied to Israeli-U.S. Effort to Isolate Hamas & Keep the Siege (Democracy Now!)

Israeli bombs kill nearly 600 Palestinians. Gaza death toll doubles in four days (Global Research)

“A Place of Indescribable Loss”: As Ceasefire Talks Begin, Israel Bombs Hospital, Mosques and Homes (Democracy Now!)

Arab countries prepare draft resolution on Gaza (ITAR-TASS)

Turkish Prime Minister: Israel Massacring Palestinians in Gaza, Committing War Crimes Worse Than Hitler’s (4th Media)

Over 600 deaths in Israeli Gaza op: Military hits mosques, stadium, homes, hospital (RT)

Reuters: Another Gaza Hospital Hit by Israeli Strike; Four Dead, 40 Hurt (Reuters)

Hostilities in Gaza, UN Situation Report as of 21 July 2014 (Sabbah)

Israel’s Modus Operandi: Blackmail, Bribery, and Bullying (Dissident Voice)

MH-17 Drew Attention of World’s MEDIA Away from the Israeli INVASION of Gaza (4th Media)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israel confirms soldier ‘missing’ after Hamas celebrates alleged kidnap (The Independent)

Lack of International Pressure Permits Endless Assault on Gaza (The Real News)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli bombardment continues with destruction of five mosques as international pressure for ceasefire grows (The Independent)

Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 16 (Sabbah)

UK: Leeds protest against Gaza war condemns BBC blackout (WSWS)

Gaza death toll doubles in four days (WSWS)

[426] Iraq’s Hell on Earth, IDF Soldiers Against Occupation & World Protests Against Israel (Youtube)

Complicity in Ethnic Cleansing (Dissident Voice)

Carrying on the Slaughter (Dissident Voice)

‘We have nothing left to lose. I would rather die with my family under the rubble of our house than have a humiliating truce’: Palestinian youth demand justice (Mondoweiss)

“U.S. Complicity Brought up to Date” in Israel’s War against Gaza (Dissident Voice)

Foundation of the US Empire: Axes of Evil (Dissident Voice)

May Your Children Have the Same Fate as Gaza Children (Veterans Today)

Video: Israeli sniper attacks civilians, IDF ordered to “kill anything that moves” (Levant Report)

Israel accused of using flechette weapons on Palestinian civilians (RT)

VIDEO: Clashes go on amid Israeli funerals (BBC)

107 Palestinians killed in Gaza over past 24 hours – UNRWA (ITAR-TASS)

Ramallah, July 20 and 21 (Mondoweiss)

Video: Night raid in Bethlehem’s Aida Refugee Camp (Mondoweiss)

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