Gaza News Links 28 July 2014

28 July 2014 20:28:27 —

Statement: Legal experts and human rights defenders demand international community end Israel’s collective punishment of Gaza (Mondoweiss)

Gaza war on Facebook: Israel critics fired after ‘unacceptable’ comments (RT)

Photos: Across the U.S., thousands continue to march in solidarity with Gaza (Mondoweiss)

Israel to deliver devastating strike against Hamas soon – defense minister (ITAR-TASS)

‘Lone soldiers’ and young ideologues from around the world contribute to Israeli war crimes (Mondoweiss)

Deadly violence in Gaza and Israel (BBC)

Video: Celebrities, artists and activists call for Palestinian freedom in #GazaNames project (Mondoweiss)

US threatens relations with Israel could worsen over Kerry criticism (RT)

NBCNews Buries Its Own Journalist’s Eyes, Modifies Gaza Story (Moon of Alabama)

Israel-Gaza conflict: 10 Palestinians killed and 46 injured in airstrike on hospital and park (The Independent)

New York Times silences Israel’s Palestinian citizens on Gaza war (Mondoweiss)

UN chief: Gaza in critical condition (BBC)

QUESTION OF THE DAY: When did Bob Schieffer become a full-fledged suckup? (The Greanville Post)

Israeli embassy puts Mona Lisa in a hijab — ‘Israel now, Paris next’ (Mondoweiss)

9 things the American media isn’t telling you about Israel/Palestine (Mondoweiss)

Uneasy calm in Gaza after UN call (BBC)

Expel Palestinians, Populate Gaza with Jews, Says Knesset Deputy Speaker (Global Research)

‘Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left’ — Israeli chant (Mondoweiss)

Israeli Military Destroyed El-Wafa Hospital Even Though it Knew There Were no Weapons Inside (Global Research)

Iran proposes to Egypt joint humanitarian aid delivery to Gaza (ITAR-TASS)

How many would be alive today if Obama had not quashed Goldstone Report? (Mondoweiss)

Further protests across the UK against Israeli attacks on Gaza (

Israel, the “Neighborhood Bully”: Deconstructing the Lyrics of Bob Dylan in the Light of the Gaza Crisis (Global Research)

Professor Ilan Pappé: Israel Has Chosen To Be A “Racist Apartheid State” With U.S. Support (Democracy Now!)

What Do Gazans Endure? A Palestinian Student Who Lost 2 Brothers, 4 Cousins Tells His Story (Democracy Now!)

Gaza march violence footage plea (BBC)

Zayn Malik on Israel-Gaza: One Direction singer bombarded with Twitter death threats after posting #FreePalestine (The Independent)

During Brief Lull, Gazans Return to Neighborhoods Destroyed and Bodies Beneath the Rubble (Democracy Now!)

The Right to Resist: 5,000 rally for Palestine in Brussels, Israel gets 500 (RT)

Israel Is Stealing and Murdering Its Way Through Palestine (SCF)

Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli military releases video footage from inside ‘Hamas tunnel’ – before spectacularly blowing it up (The Independent)

Israel Resumes its Ravage of Gaza. Rising Death Toll (Global Research)

Jon Snow Gaza video: Watch the Channel 4 News presenter’s heartbreaking plea to end child violence (The Independent)

Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 22 (Sabbah)

Hostilities in Gaza, UN Situation Report as of 27 July 2014 (Sabbah)

UN calls for immediate Gaza truce (BBC)

Africa: Gaza Is Everyone’s Concern (

Israel-Gaza conflict: Fighting slows across Gaza Strip as UN calls for ‘immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire’ (The Independent)

Ian Burrell: With Charter Renewal on the horizon, complaints over Gaza are dangerous for BBC (The Independent)

Israel Defense Forces stopped military actions in Gaza Strip indefinitely — press office (ITAR-TASS)

Dreams in Exile (Dissident Voice)

UN Security Council urges immediate, unconditional ceasefire in Gaza (ITAR-TASS)

Egypt leads Arab regimes in facilitating Israel’s assault on Gaza (WSWS)

Israel resumes its onslaught on Gaza (WSWS)

New Zealand: Thousands protest against Israel’s assault on Gaza (WSWS)

Protests spread across Europe against Israeli war on Gaza (WSWS)

Toronto demonstration denounces Gaza assault, Canadian complicity (WSWS)

Rallies held in the US and around the world against Israeli invasion of Gaza (WSWS)

Hundreds march in Dearborn, Michigan against Israeli crimes (WSWS)

Israel confirms mortar strike on UN school in Gaza, denies casualties (RT)

Gaza, from the diaspora (The Electronic Intifada)

UN Security Council set for extraordinary session on Gaza situation (ITAR-TASS)

Attacks on hospitals expose Israel’s “self-defense” claims as lies (The Electronic Intifada)

Blockading the Truth: Obama’s Big Lie About Gaza (4th Media)

Israel, not Hamas, orchestrated the latest conflict in Gaza (The Greanville Post)

This is Not a War on Terror; the War Itself is an Act of Terror (The Greanville Post)

Gaza– and ‘Guernica’ (Mondoweiss)

US President Obama calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza (ITAR-TASS)

Iran urges Egypt’s ‘urgent cooperation’ on Gaza (SCF)

Israeli Attitude Towards Gaza: Israel Is a Colonial Power that “Never Really Thought It Had Any Duty To Protect the People Under Its Rule or To Improve the Quality of their Lives” (WashingtonsBlog)

No place to hide for children of war (BBC)

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