The NHS Needs Emergency Funding Now!

12 October 2015 — 38 Degrees

It’s official: unless £2bn is urgently given to struggling hospitals, A&E waiting times will go up, cancer treatment will be delayed, and it’ll be impossible for hospitals to provide beds for people in need this winter. [1]

NHS experts say they’ve exhausted their options for saving money in hospitals, and now Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s cuts are putting patients’ lives in danger. [2]
38 Degrees members are the defenders of our NHS. [3] If enough of us decide to, we can make NHS funding the burning issue Jeremy Hunt can’t ignore – and force him to face up to his mistake. Vote now to decide if 38 Degrees should launch a huge campaign for emergency money for our NHS. It only takes two seconds:

NHS deficit graph


Jeremy Hunt’s mishandling of NHS funding is being described by regulators as “its worst financial crisis in a generation”. He’ll know that being blamed for an NHS crisis could ruin his career. [4] So we can push him to do better.

At least £2 billion more is needed this winter to avert disaster. [5] Without this cash injection, we’ll see real risks to patients, as our hospitals buckle under impossible budgets and key services get cut. So, do you think 38 Degrees should launch a big campaign to get extra funding for our NHS?

If together we decide to launch a campaign, there are two key ways 38 Degrees members could have maximum impact:

1. Sound the alarm nationally to force Jeremy Hunt to cough up extra cash: if he feels it’s politically toxic to keep starving the NHS, he’ll have to put more money in to protect his reputation.?

2. Force our MPs to deliver on their election promises of more cash for our NHS: if there’s one thing MPs of all parties won’t mess with, it’s our local hospitals. Some of the best hospitals in the country now have ‘dangerous’ levels of staffing. By using our power locally, we can force our MPs to answer burning questions about the huge gap in funding needed to keep our local hospitals open this winter.?

So what do you think? Should we launch a campaign now? Please vote:

Thanks for being involved,

Rebecca, Nat, Emily, David and the 38 Degrees team

[1] The Guardian: NHS facing £2bn deficit and ‘worst financial crisis in a generation’:
[2] BBC News: NHS deficits hit ‘massive’ £930m:
[3] 38 Degrees blog: NHS funding:
Here are some of the other campaigns 38 Degrees members are running to protect our NHS:
[4] The Guardian: NHS on brink of collapse, warns former health minister:
The Mirror: After five years of Tory rule, Jeremy Hunt admits NHS is in grip of worst financial crisis in its history:
[5] Full Fact: NHS deficit: hospitals in the red:
The Guardian: Ministers hiding details of NHS cash crisis:

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