Fracked Up! Unless we stop them

3 February 2016 — 38 Degrees

The government’s plans on fracking have been exposed. It’s been leaked that they’re trying to change the law so dirty energy companies can drill for gas in our countryside – regardless of what local communities want. [1]

The changes would strip local councils of the right to say ‘no’ to fracking – and put the power into the hands of unelected planning officers. [2]

Government ministers want to implement the plans right away so we’ve got to act fast. [3] If we make thousands of local councillors rebel against the government, they could be stopped in their tracks.

Can you email your local councillors now and ask them to speak out against the government’s plans? It’s really simple, just click the button below:

All over the country, people have been campaigning to protect their communities from the drills of dirty energy companies. And the government’s been struggling to get fracking off the ground. [4] Now they’re trying to change the rules to get their way – and ignore the views of local communities.

Our councillors are supposed represent us and act on our behalf. But if these changes happen, they won’t be able to. So if thousands of us contact our local councillors now, asking them to speak out, we can force the government to ditch these terrible plans. Can you email your local councillors now?

When we work together, we’re stronger. And we’re not alone. Greenpeace supporters, Friends of the Earth members and thousands of grassroots campaigners are all standing hand-in-hand to stop these plans. It’s a truly people-powered effort. Will you join us?

Thanks for all you do,

Lorna, Rachel, Maddy and the 38 Degrees team

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