Statewatch: 3 June 2016 : STATEWATCHING EUROPE

3 June 2016 — StatewatchE-mail:

European conference marking Statewatch’s anniversary

Civil liberties, the state and the European Union
09.45 – 17:00, Saturday 25 June 2016
Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 ( map)

For 25 years Statewatch has been working to publish and promote investigative journalism and critical research in Europe in the fields of the state, justice and home affairs, civil liberties, accountability and openness. We invite you to join us in London on 25 June 2016 at our Conference where there will be:

Workshops and discussions on the refugee crisis in the Med and in the EU; mass surveillance; the EU’s crisis of legitimacy and accountability; the policing of protest and criminalisation of communities; racism, xenophobia and the far right; strategies of resistance and the defence of civil liberties.


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09.45-10.15 Registration

10.15-11.00 Opening Plenary

– Ann Singleton

(Chair, Co-Chair Statewatch)
– Tony Bunyan (Director, Statewatch)
– Gareth Peirce (lawyer)

11.30 – 13.00 Parallel Workshops Session I: The EU in crisis

Workshop 1: The crisis in legitimacy and accountability

The EU faces simultaneous crises: the refugee crisis, counter-terrorism, the rise in racism and fascism and continuing austerity. At the same time there is widespread disillusionment with EU institutions – will the EU survive and if it does what kind of EU will it be?

Deirdre Curtin

(Professor of EU Law, European University Institute)
Steve Peers (Professor of Law, University of Essex)
Ralf Bendrath (Senior Policy Advisor to Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP)
Staffan Dahllof (journalist, Denmark)

Workshop 2: The refugee crisis in the Med and the EU (Morning)

There is a crisis in the Med with thousands dying and an almost complete failure of EU institutions and most EU governments to respond. What has been the response of civil society and what critiques have emerged of the EU states’ inaction? What problems remain and what does the future hold?

Caroline Intrand

Stratos Georgoulas (Lesvos, Greece)
Eric Kempson (Hope Centre, Lesvos)

Workshop 3: Mass surveillance, technologies of control and unaccountable states:

The security and intelligence agencies have survived the “Snowden revelations” and are seeking to extend their powers. Do we face a combination of Smart Cities and a burgeoning and unaccountable EU security-industrial complex?

Gus Hosein

(Executive Director, Privacy International)
Steve Wright (Reader in Applied Global Ethics at Leeds Beckett University)
Eric Topfer (Editor and political scientist, Berlin)
Ben Hayes

13.00 – 13.45 LUNCH

Parallel Workshops Session II: Fighting back

Workshop 4: Racism, xenophobia and the rise of the far right:

The right, the refugee crisis and the war on terror. Racists and fascists still on the streets and now in parliaments and government. And at the formal level the the move from multiculturalism to monoculturalism amidst a growing authoritarianism and failing democracies. Is this inevitable?

Liz Fekete

(Director, Institute of Race Relations)
Amadine Bach (GUE group in EP, researcher)
Jean Lambert MEP (Green/EFA group)
Philippe Wanneson (Passeurs d’hospitalités, Calais)

Workshop 5: Criminalising communities & policing protest

Undercover policing undermining organised dissent backed by the surveillance of social media and marginalising protest. Suspect communities and resistance.

Matthias Monroy

(Research Assistan Andrej Hunko, Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestags )
Evelien Lubbers (Undercover Research Group)
Heiner Busch
(Editor of Bürgerrechte & Polizei/CILIP)
Stafford Scott (Coordinator for ‘Justice for Mark Duggan Campaign’ and ‘Tottenham Rights’)
Val Swain (Founder Netpol: Network for Police Monitoring)
CAGE (Speaker. tbc)

Workshop 6: Defending civil liberties: Strategies of resistance

Campaigns in the streets, courts and communities: anti-deportation, deaths in custody, blacklisting workers cover-ups and state crimes. Turning defending civil liberties into resistance -what can history tell us?

Suresh Grover

(Director, The Monitoring Group)
Debbie Coles (Director of Inquest)
Dave Whyte
(Professor of Socio-legal Studies at the University of Liverpool)
Marie Martin (EuroMed Rights)

Workshop 7: The refugee crisis in the Med and in the EU (afternoon)

There is a crisis in the Med with thousands dying and an almost complete failure of EU institutions and most EU governments to respond. Will we see Turkey do the EU’s “dirty work” by detaining refugees seeking to flee backed by NATO, a new EU Border Force policing on land and sea – plus Eurosur. Are we going to see mass forced returns and refoulement?

Frances Webber

(Vice Chair, Institute of Race Relations)
Lorenzo Trucco (Director, ASGI, Italy)
Vasileios Karydis (Deputy Ombudsman, Greece)

15.15 – 15.45 Break

15.45– 17.00 Closing Plenary: The way ahead:

Ann Singleton (Chair)

Liz Fekete

(Director, Institute of Race Relations)
Ska Keller MEP (MEP Green/EFA group in EP)
Courtenay Griffith QC
Tony Bunyan
(Director, Statewatch)

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Our last conference was held in 2011. You can watch videos here.

Statewatch: Monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe
PO Box 1516, London, N16 0EW. UK
tel: +44(0)20-8802-1882; fax: +44(0)20-8880-1727

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