We delayed the bee killers but the gangsters never give up!

6 June 2016 — 38 Degrees

[They never give up! The Gangster state and the gangsters it represents still want to introduce bee killing pesticides, but because we’ve made such a fuss about it (see below), the gangsters now want to do it behind closed doors!]

The powerful lobbyists who want the ban on bee-killing pesticides lifted aren’t giving up. Together, we made sure their first application this year was rejected by the government (hooray!). [1] But they’ve said they’re “committed” to getting a yes from the government. [2] And any new application they make will be kept behind closed doors. [3]

We need to make sure that their next application to bring back bee-killing pesticides is out in the open – so it can be scrutinised properly. And the more we know, the more we can do to stop it. Please can you sign the open letter to Environment Minister Liz Truss now, demanding transparency? The open letter will be delivered to her in a few days: Continue reading