We delayed the bee killers but the gangsters never give up!

6 June 2016 — 38 Degrees

[They never give up! The Gangster state and the gangsters it represents still want to introduce bee killing pesticides, but because we’ve made such a fuss about it (see below), the gangsters now want to do it behind closed doors!]

The powerful lobbyists who want the ban on bee-killing pesticides lifted aren’t giving up. Together, we made sure their first application this year was rejected by the government (hooray!). [1] But they’ve said they’re “committed” to getting a yes from the government. [2] And any new application they make will be kept behind closed doors. [3]

We need to make sure that their next application to bring back bee-killing pesticides is out in the open – so it can be scrutinised properly. And the more we know, the more we can do to stop it. Please can you sign the open letter to Environment Minister Liz Truss now, demanding transparency? The open letter will be delivered to her in a few days:  

Last year when they were deciding whether to let bee-killing pesticides back on UK fields, the government gagged their own experts. And made the final decision behind closed doors. The only reason that together, we found out in time to stop them this time around was because a concerned MP, Barry Gardiner, pushed to learn what was going on, and told 38 Degrees members. [4]

And we were ready:

  • 250,000 of us signed the petition to keep bee-killing pesticides off UK fields. We delivered every name to government ministers last week, just before the decision was made.
  • Thousands of us emailed our MPs to make sure they had copies of our hard hitting report proving last year’s decision was wrong. And we delivered it directly into the hands of the government’s expert advisors.
  • We caused a buzz on social media when tens of thousands of us tweeted the government ministers making the decision on bee-killing pesticides.
  • Then amazingly, almost a hundred MPs came to listen to a panel of experts at our event in Parliament last month. [5]

38 Degrees members have got the truth out. But lobbyists are going to keep coming up with new reasons to get around the ban. Don’t let them get away with it. People-power has protected bees so far – so let’s come together again to prove we’ll never give up on our bees. Sign the open letter to expose the truth behind their new application now:


Thanks for being involved,

Maddy, Amy, Rachel and the 38 Degrees team

PS: Bees will be feasting on a buffet of wildflowers this summer! Up and down the country, thousands of 38 Degrees members are planting wildflowers in our gardens, schools and allotments. You can join in and order your seeds here:

[1] The Guardian: Ministers reject plan for ’emergency’ use of banned bee-harming pesticides:
This is advice from the government’s pesticide advisors, UK Expert Committee on Pesticides. It says that “the applications do not meet the criteria for an emergency authorisation”:
[2] NFU online: NFU to continue with neonicotinoids application:
[3] The government keeps the details of applications to lift the ban on bee-killing pesticides secret from MPs and the public. And on top of that last year the government gagged their own experts, then made the final decision behind closed doors just before MPs went on summer holiday and it means there’s a huge lack of scrutiny.
[4] Barry Gardiner submitted a ‘written question’ to Liz Truss, the Environment Minister, in a bid to get her to reveal whether any applications to lift the ban had been made. She was forced to admit (at the end of April) that two applications were being assessed:
[5] 38 Degrees blog: 38 Degrees members are standing up for the bees in 2016:

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