Protect our Bees! Email your MP

17 August 2016 — 38 Degrees

Breaking: toxic pesticides are killing our bees. That’s the headline that pesticide company bosses have been dreading. And it’s splashed all over the news thanks to new research out today. [1] [2]

Bees pollinate the food we need to live. It’s simple: no bees, no people. These pesticides are banned across Europe right now. But because of Brexit our government’s deciding which EU laws to keep. [3] Let’s make sure the pesticide ban is one of them.

If thousands of 38 Degrees members get this new research straight into our MPs’ inboxes, we can make sure the government keeps the EU law which bans these toxic pesticides. We can make sure they see the facts – not the spin of big money pesticide lobbyists.

Please will you email your MP now to make sure they see this new research?

There’s some text to get you started so it should take less than 2 minutes:



This new research has made headlines all over the world today. [4] Together we can get these toxic pesticides banned for good – the first step is getting our MPs onboard. Let’s make sure they see this new research today while it’s top of the news bulletins.

Today, lobbyists will be throwing everything into swinging the decision their way. They’re desperate to get their chemicals back on UK fields. They have deep pockets – but we have people power, and together we can persuade our politicians to do the right thing.


Can you email your MP today to make sure they’re listening to the science, not the dodgy pesticide lobbyists?


Thanks for being involved

Maddy, Rachel, Tom, Kathryn and the 38 Degrees team

PS: Scientists have found that these pesticides have a severe effect on our wildlife. But we don’t just have to take their word for it – we can see it happening right now. In parts of China, these toxic pesticides were used so much that there are no bees left to pollinate anything. People are having to pollinate flowers one by one – by hand. [5]

By working together we can make sure that such a nightmare scenario doesn’t become the norm. Please email your MP now:

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