Last Chance to Kill the Link Tax!

22 August 2016 — OpenMedia 

The EU Commission are wavering on whether or not to keep going with the link tax. They’ve heard you and thousands of Internet users speak out, and now they have the final decision to make as they write the law -– link tax law, yay or nay? We need you to stop it before it gets any further.

The link tax is a form of copyright that would give publishers the right to charge a fee for using snippets of text to point to content. It’s intended to replace failing business models, but it will stifle innovation, hold journalism back, and harm our ability to access the open web.

The Commission clearly said they would listen to public input before writing the law. When they asked for your views, we sent an amazing 47,000 responses back with a clear no to the link tax.[1] Even publisher associations and businesses have spoken out against this bad idea.[2] [3]

We need to remind the Commission that strong public opposition is not going away. That’s why we’ve made a series of myth-busting graphics to show them that the link tax is bad for everyone.

Choose one of these images and tell the European Commission to abandon plans for a link tax proposal once and for all:

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Share on Twitter / Share on Facebook

Now that it is summer things might look quiet, but the Commission are working away drafting this copyright legislation. And we have heard rumours that they still have plans to press ahead, including the worst version of the link tax they’ve come up with. [4]

Last year, before we tweeted at the Commission, they weren’t going to include us in their reporting on their platforms consultation. But thanks to our pressure they not only included your voices, but devoted many pages to analysing them.[5]

We know speaking to them on social media has an impact. Remind them that the link tax has failed everywhere and, when we show the strength of our community, decision-makers will back down. 

Let’s keep the pressure on.

Ruth & the team at OpenMedia

[1] What we said to the Commission. Source: OpenMedia
[2] ECO warns against the introduction of an ancillary copyright at European level. Source: Association of Internet Industry, ECO
[3] Speak up against “ancillary rights” that hurt publishers and digital publishing. Source:
[4] Beware: The “neighbouring right for publishers” is an ancillary copyright on steroids! Source: IGEL
[5] Digital Single Market amends report to include OpenMedia submission, Source: Twitter

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