Bayer and Monsanto: The Merger from Hell!

15 September 2016 — SumOfUs

Breaking news: agrochemical giant Bayer just announced it’s merging with the most hated company on the planet: Monsanto.

These two companies joining into one mega-corporation is truly the stuff of nightmares. Together they would be the biggest seed company AND the biggest pesticide company in the world with control over nearly everything we eat and grow. It means more bee-killing neonics in our fields, more toxic glyphosate on our plates, and more corporate control over our food supply.

But this fight is not over — in fact it’s just beginning.

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Black Agenda Report for Sept. 14, 2016: Clinton's Basket of Deplorables, GA Gov to Close 100 Public Schools, Standing With Syria

15 September 2016 — Black Agenda Report 

Clinton’s Basket of “Deplorables”
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Hillary Clinton should include herself in her basket of “deplorables.” She’s got “racism” and “sexism” covered through her endorsement of mass Black incarceration and welfare “reform.” Killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Syria surely qualifies as Islamophobia, and waging war on the world is the highest expression of xenophobia — fear of foreigners.  Put that woman in a basket!

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