PR Firm Says It Ghost-Wrote Thousands of Op-Eds in Major US Papers

1 September 2016 — FAIR


The Wall Street Journal put Bill Ingram’s name on this op-ed–but a PR firm says it actually wrote it.

Laura Bentz of Keybridge Communications describes her company as:

“a boutique PR firm—founded by a former writer for the Wall Street Journal—that specializes in writing and placing op-eds. With some of the country’s most influential trade groups and global corporations as clients, we run many of the major op-ed campaigns in the US. We place roughly 3,000 op-eds per year.”

On its website, Keybridge openly claims to be able to “brand a CEO” by putting op-eds into newspapers in “virtually every major city.”

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Are You a Mind-Controlled CIA Stooge? Selected Articles

31 August 2016 — Global Research

conspiracyThe Conspiracy Theory Narrative: Are You a Mind-Controlled CIA Stooge?

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, August 31 2016

Do you smirk when you hear someone question the official stories of Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris or Nice? Do you feel superior to 2,500 architects and engineers, to firefighters, commercial and military pilots, physicists and chemists, and former high government officials who have raised doubts about 9/11? If so, you reflect the profile of a mind-controlled CIA stooge. Continue reading

Black Agenda Report for September 1, 2016: Black Self-Determination Matters, Hillary & Trump Agree on Israeli Apartheid, Russia & US Elections

1 September 2016 — Black Agenda Report

Why Black Self-Determination Matters

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Malcolm X correctly anticipated that narrowly conceived “civil rights” could ultimately be curtailed. He therefore urged Black people to demand their human right to self-determination. We are now living in the age of Black rights “give-backs” – or no Black right to life, at all. The Black Is Back Coalition’s newly formulated political agenda “insists that the principle of self-determination must be central to all arenas of Black struggle.”

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The EU proposes a nightmare version of the Link Tax!

1 September 2016 — OpenMedia

Breaking Leak: The European Commission have chosen to ignore all the evidence and propose a copyright law that includes a nightmare version of the link tax, and a host of other ideas that only favour Big Media lobbyists.

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