Global Research Week in Review 19 November 2016: Shifting US-EU-Russia Relations?

19 November 2016 — Global Research

  Bulgaria_Moldova-380x250False Promises of the European Dream: Moldova and Bulgaria Elect Pro-Russian Presidents

By Sergey Gladysh, November 14 2016

As the European Union continues to spiral towards an all-out disaster due to significant economic problems, the migrant crisis, cultural decay, and an overall loss of purpose, countries like Moldova and Bulgaria, which were once blinded by the false promises of the European dream, are beginning to shift course back towards the only nation in Europe today that is experiencing a remarkable renaissance – yes, Russia.

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Spinning Bannon as ‘Provocateur’ Who ‘Relishes Combativeness’

19 November 2016 — FAIR

New York Times: New Strategist in White House a Provocateur From the Fringe“Provocative” is the word the New York Times (11/15/16) used to describe Steve Bannon’s website Breitbart.

There’s a difference between bad news and bad reporting. We’re seeing a lot of both these days, as each Trump Cabinet choice hurls us deeper into dystopia.

For example: How do you describe a man who propagates white supremacy, misogyny and antisemitism? If you’re the New York Times, you call him a “provocateur.”  If you’re the AP, you say his hire is evidence of Trump’s “brash, outsider instincts.”

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TV Pundits Eager to Make Trump the New ‘Normal’

19 November 2016 — FAIR

Not Helping, by Jen Sorensen (used with permission)After wrongly predicting the election, political pundits are returning to TV talkshows to explain what will happen under a Trump presidency. But these predictions aren’t like TV anchors predicting the weather; these forecasts have a profound impact on the public reception to the Trump administration and the future course of US politics.

The danger is that by normalizing Trump—a candidate distinguished by an embrace of political violence and open appeals to ethnic nationalism who boasted of getting away with sexual assaults—these commentators will make racist and sexist bullying an acceptable way to run for public office.

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The Corrupt GMO and Pesticides Industry: Selected Articles

18 November 2016 — Global Research

pesticides-spray-herbicide-735-350-722x350Why Are Public Officials Protecting GMO and the Pesticides Industry? Digging Down into the Cesspool of Corruption

By Colin Todhunter, November 18 2016

The ‘agrochemicals-agritech industry’ should not be regarded as some kind of faceless concept because that lets individuals off the hook. It is run by identifiable individuals who sell health-and environment-damaging products,co-opt scientists, control public institutions and ensure farmers are kept on a chemical treadmill. From CEOs and scientists to public officials and media/PR spin doctors, specific individuals can be identified and at some stage should be hauled into court for what amounts to ‘crimes against humanity’.

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