US, British ‘Clean House’ to Delete Syria Terror Links By Finian Cunningham

15 November 2016

US President Barack Obama has just given the Pentagon orders to assassinate commanders of the Al Nusra terror network in Syria. American media reports over the weekend say the new urgency arises from US intelligence fears that al Qaeda-affiliated groups are preparing to mount terror attacks against Western targets from strongholds in Syria.

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Trump, the “Alt-right”, and “The Deep State” : Selected Articles

16 November 2016 — Global Research

Trump électionsPresident-Elect Donald Trump and “The Deep State”: Vote Rigging by Both Sides… Key Appointments

By Peter Koenig, November 15 2016

The elections may have been rigged, probably by both sides, as the elusive elite, or what’s also called the ’Deep State’, may be divided. It looks like the better ‘rigger’ emerged as the winner. The final popular vote count indicates a slight advantage of Hillary over Trump. Never mind, the system was purposefully designed un-democratically in the 18th Century by the Founding Fathers, who never really had the intention to create a truly democratic United States of America of equal rights for all.

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Media: How Trump’s ‘Chief Strategist’ Provided a ‘Platform for the Alt-Right’

16 November 2016 — FAIR

Stephen Bannon, the Trump campaign chief executive and the announced “Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to the President” in the Trump administration, has declared of Breitbart, the website he still heads, “We’re the platform for the alt-right.” What did he mean by that?

Well, the alt-right, by Breitbart‘s own description, is a coalition of advocates of “scientific race differences”; people interested in “the preservation of their own tribe and its culture” who “believe that some degree of separation between peoples is necessary for a culture to be preserved”; online traffickers in racist and antisemitic stereotypes who “feel a mischievous urge to blaspheme”; and a significant fringe of hardcore, pro-Hitler neo-Nazis.

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Billionaires & Big Business Line Up To Help U.S. President Elect-Donald Trump By Pratap Chatterjee

14 November 2016 — Corpwatch

Billionaire businessmen and lobbyists are lining up to help Donald Trump after his victory in the U.S. presidential election. Trump appears to be welcoming them with open arms, despite his claim to bring change to Washington DC and get rid of special interests. 


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