US Elections 2016: Political Crisis in the Aftermath? Selected Articles

8 November 2016 — Global Research

election-2016-USUS Presidential Election: Deeply Flawed Candidates. Who Will Win and Who Deserves to Win?

By David Morgan, November 06 2016

It has been widely commented that the two main contenders in the US presidential race are both deeply flawed candidates, even that they are both unfit to hold high office. Whoever next takes up residence in the White House will become the most powerful person in the world at the conclusion of this coming week’s voting and the fate of all the peoples of the world will be in his or her hands. It’s a frightening prospect in itself that one individual can exercise so much power.

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Media Lens: Flagship Of Fearmongering: The Guardian, MI5 And State Propaganda

8 November 2016 — Media Lens

Readers of the Guardian woke up last Tuesday (November 1, 2016) to find that the newspaper and website had been given over to promoting MI5. To be more precise: the paper was trumpeting a fearmongering ‘exclusive’ with MI5 Director-General, Andrew Parker. It was billed as ‘the first interview of its kind’ and was conducted by the paper’s deputy editor, Paul Johnson, and the diplomatic editor, Ewen MacAskill. However, it quickly became clear that this ‘interview’ consisted largely of the two senior Guardian journalists listening to the MI5 chief and diligently writing down what he said with no discernible challenge or scrutiny.

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Statewatch News Online, 7 November 2016 (19/16)

7 November 2016 — Statewatch

You can also access as a pdf  file here:


1.   Statewatch Intervention: Unaccompanied child asylum-seekers: European Court of Human Rights
2.    EU: Council of the European Union: IT and border management & Japan MLA
3.   Austria Postpones Presidential Election Re-Run Due to Faulty Postal Ballots
4.    UK refused access to British father ‘in fear for his life’ on Ethiopia’s death row
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The Anti-Empire Report #146 By William Blum

7 November 2016 — Anti-Empire Report

A collection of thoughts about American foreign policy

Louis XVI needed a revolution, Napoleon needed two historic military defeats, the Spanish Empire in the New World needed multiple revolutions, the Russian Czar needed a communist revolution, the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires needed World War I, Nazi Germany needed World War II, Imperial Japan needed two atomic bombs, the Portuguese Empire in Africa needed a military coup at home, the Soviet Empire needed Mikhail Gorbachev … What will the American Empire need?

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