Trump: Radical Militarization, Arctic Policy, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Selected Articles

7 December 2016 — Global Research

Trump Cabinet Selections: Radical Militarization, A Country to be Governed by Generals and Billionaires

By Eric Sommer, December 07 2016

The incoming Trump administration is placing unprecedented political power in the U.S. state in the hands of military generals. The U.S. constitution enacted in 1789 – the basic law of the country – was in important respects intended to ensure civilian oversight and control of the U.S. military.  It provides that only the civilian law-making congress can declare war, and that the President – a civilian- is the top   commander of all military forces.

Elections 2016: Continuity of US Imperial Militarism Under the Two Party System

By Abayomi Azikiwe, December 07 2016

Extension of Iran sanctions, contact with Taiwan and the Trump appointments of Flynn and Mattis signals more war and genocide. Three important decisions by the political wing of the United States capitalist system reveals that the drive towards “permanent imperialist war” will continue under the administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

Northwest Passage: Trump Card for US Arctic Policy?

By Jeremy McCoy, December 07 2016

President Barack Obama has pinned a chunk of his legacy to policies in the Arctic and circumpolar north. He made an historic trip to Alaska last year. Initiatives to address Arctic climate change and environmental concerns, rolled out while the United States chairs the eight-nation Arctic Council, have been high priorities for the outgoing president. Now President-elect Donald Trump, a climate-change skeptic, is ready and able to rethink all of Obama’s Arctic policies.

The TPP is Dead. What Happens Next?

By Kavaljit Singh, December 07 2016

On Monday, the US president-elect Donald Trump announced that the US will pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact on his first day in office (January 20). In a video message outlining his policy plans for the first 100 days in the Oval Office, Trump stated: “I am going to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from TPP, a potential disaster for our country. Instead, we will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to American shores.”

Russia and China Veto Phony Aleppo Ceasefire UN Security Council Resolution

By Stephen Lendman, December 07 2016

US, UK and French dirty hands were behind a Security Council resolution calling for a seven-day ceasefire in Aleppo – on the phony pretext of providing humanitarian aid they’re supplying only to terrorists.

US Policymakers Propose Working Closer with the State Sponsors of the Islamic State (ISIS-Daesh)

By Tony Cartalucci, December 07 2016

US-based corporate-financier funded policy think tank, the Brookings Institution, published a particularly incoherent piece titled, “Should we work with the devil we know against the Islamic State?”

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