The European Parliament has just dealt a major blow to the Link Tax

9 March 2017 — SumOfUs

A closely-watched report on the proposed laws from key MEP Therese Comodini Cachia recommends that the controversial “Link Tax” proposal be removed from the legislation.1 This is a huge step forward!

This is the European Commission’s worst nightmare. MEPs in Parliament have just stepped in to tell them that their proposed copyright rules — some of the worst in the world — aren’t good enough.

This never would have happened without you. MEPs are listening to Internet users just like you and the 130,000+ people who have spoken out through #SaveTheLink. But we’re facing a crucial committee debate in just a couple of weeks and an important vote soon after.

There’s no doubt that huge publishing giants are already scrambling to overturn our big win. We need to be prepared for whatever temper tantrums they throw our way in the coming weeks. This is where you come in.

We need you to support OpenMedia today so we can keep up this positive momentum and hold publishing giants to account in the coming weeks as key MEPs debate whether the Link Tax lives or dies. Will you donate to help us keep the pressure on?

The publis lobby is going to double its pressure now, and national governments could get involved. We need your support so we can get this over the finish line.

Key members of the European Parliament will be debating this report — and our big wins — very soon. Please, donate now so we’re ready to keep the pressure up and defend against what comes next.

Opponents of the Link Tax have warned that it would drastically restrict citizens’ ability to access and share information freely online, and in her report, MEP Comodini Cachia agreed.

She stated that proposals for a “press publishers’ right” (aka: the Link Tax) should be removed from the legislation because “wide access to these news and opinions is important for public debate in a democratic society.”

Over 130,000 people have spoken out against the #LinkTax and this report confirms that MEPs are listening!

But we must be ready for whatever challenges come next. Right now, this is where we need you the most. Please, give whatever you can to support #SaveTheLink.

In the meantime, I’m going to work hard to share our progress with the world. I’m really proud of you today.

–Josh at OpenMedia


[1] European Parliament deals major blow to Commission plans for a Link Tax, as Copyright Rapporteur recommends MEPs reject the idea. Source: OpenMedia.

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