ICH Headlines 7 April 2017

7 April 2017 — Information Clearing House

Syria: New U.S. Air Support On Request Scheme For Al-Qaeda

By Moon Of Alabama

U.S. planes in Syrian airspace are from now on constantly under imminent danger.

The Impending Clash Between the U.S. and Russia

By Mike Whitney

“Managed chaos”. Brilliant. That’s Washington’s foreign policy in a nutshell.

US Attack On Syria Was Largely Symbolic

By The Saker

Trump is now a war criminal and the USA a rogue state (again).

Poodle Trump Runs With Dogs of War

By Finian Cunningham

In order to survive the pressure over “Russian stooge” allegations, Trump is throwing some meat to the US War Party.

Trump Has Surrendered – Will Putin Be The Next?

By Paul Craig Roberts

US Secretary of State Tillerson has warned Russia that steps are underway to remove Syrian president Assad. Trump agrees.

Act Now for Peace

By Mark Gaffney

We the people are the last resort, the last line of defense, the last chance for peace.