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7 April 2017 — COLDTYPE

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The US has found an intriguing way to sell its controversial new F-35 stealth jets : give the buyers a stake in their manufacture. Do the planes work? Who cares? No
one’s going to cancel them if jobs are at stake, writes Daniel Soar in this issue’s main story. In other Big Reads, Granville Williams tells how ‘fake news’ led to a 28-year boycott of Britain’s biggest newspaper; Alfred McCoy explains why we should be worried about the ‘blood-stained’ rise of global populism; Jonathan Cook reveals Israel’s dirty tricks campaign against BDS leaders; George Monbiot shows how freedom for the rich means exploiting the poor; and Brian Cloughley wonders where the West’s anti-Russia propaganda campaign will lead. In this month’s photo stories, Nate Robert visits the palace of a deposed president, and Chris Baker discovers the joys of Sunday football in London. Plus much, much more in our new Insights section.

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