COLDTYPE Issue 140 Mid-May 2017 – is now on line

11 May 2017 — Coldtype

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THE VIEW FROM MARS – During the 1970s, when the US launched its Viking space missions to hunt for life on Mars, English photographer Peter Mitchell wondered what pictures Martian might beam back to Mars of life on Earth. Our cover story reveals all.  Other stories in this issue include Neil Clark’s analysis of the West’s hypocritical attitude towards fascism in Eastern Europe; Chris Hedges shows what happens when idiots take over our nations; Chellis Glendinning meets a pair of scientists who are tracking global catastrophes; Fida Jiryis tells what it’s like to be an Arab in Israel; while George Monbiot and Ian Dunt show how Britain’s Conservative Party has been taken over by the extreme right Ukip. Other contributors include Andrew C. Bacevich, Jonathan Cook, Thomas S. Harrington, Yves Engler and Greg Palast

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