Black Agenda Report 30 August 2017

30 August 2017 — Black Agenda Report

The Missing Black History At Some Civil War Memorials

Bruce A. Dixon , BAR managing editor
56,000 white boys died in Civil War prison camps only because Confederates insisted on murdering captured black soldiers or selling them into slavery. There are memorials for the northern and southern prisoners in Chicago and elsewhere. But none mention why they had to die.

Trump, Joe Arpaio and the Black Codes

Glen Ford , BAR executive editor
President Trump’s pardon of arch-racist Joe Arpaio was made possible by a previous president’s pardoning of ex-Confederates. But the bipartisan global elite that runs the US empire has little use for the symbolism and crude language of the Confederacy and Jim Crow.”

Freedom Rider: Joe Arpaio Is No Aberration

Margaret Kimberley , BAR editor and senior columnist
Let’s not get it twisted. If Sheriff Joe had never been born the US would still have a world beating 2 million plus bodies in its far flung gulag. It’s not about personalities. Sheriff Joes are baked into this prison state.
White supremacy isn’t just a ghost that lives inside people’s heads. It’s a fundamental ingredient birthed by capitalism in the engineering of the genocidal American project.


US foreign policy will be about “preventing genocide” around the same time Popeyes stops frying chicken. But that doesn’t stop Democratic senators Booker, Warren and Franken from introducing bills justifying, even requiring US military intervention to “prevent genocide,” wherever the excuse seems applicable.


A Li’l Somethin’ for Dick Gregory

Raymond Nat Turner , BAR poet-in-residence
Our white bearded cannon joins the ancestors. The poet notes his passing.


Glen Ford interviewed at TRNN.COM: Trump Reverses Ban on Some Transfers of Military Equipment 

The Real News Network
Even the partial and porous limits on transfer of military equipment to police began in the final days of the previous administration are out the window now. 


Black Agenda Radio for Week of August 29, 2017

produced by Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford
Chris Hedges on how oligarchs cannibalize the US economy. Brother Dee on the national Millions For Prisoners events last week. Chip Gibbons explains how Jeff Sessions wants into on ALL those who visited opposition web site before Trump inauguration. Mumuia Abu Jama: The curtain falls on Dick Gregory, and Josh R on bipartisan congressional attempts to criminalize the BDS movement.
Click the link above for the whole show, or any of the next five items for the individual segments.


BA Radio Interview links this week
Chris Hedges on how US oligarchs cannibalize the economy.
Chip Gibbons on the latest Jeff Session witch hunt for the IP addresses of all those who visited an opposition site leading up to Trump’s inauguration
Brother Dee on the nationwide Millions For Prisoners events.
Mumia Abu Jamal: The curtain falls on Dick Gregory.
Josh R runs down the bipartisan efforts in Congress to criminalize and punish those who would boycott, divest and sanction the apartheid state of Israel.


Race and the Right’s War on “Government Schools”

Jennifer Berkshire
From the very first public schools in much of the nation were a project of the poor, rejected by the rich on the grounds of race.


How Identity Became a Weapon Against the Left

Briahna Joy Gray
Identity politics gave us 8 years of Obamanesia.  And now as the author states, “Responses to skepticism about (US Senator Kamala) Harris have simply dismissed the substance of the analysis, instead suggesting a “targeting” of Harris because of her gender and/or race.”


Black Religion as Black Radicalism

Vincent Lloyd
Secularism, says Political Theology editor Vincent Lloyd, “wants to give the police better training, to give soldiers humanitarian missions — not abolish the police and the military.”

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