Black Agenda Report 8 September 2017

8 September 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Blaming Russia For America’s Racist Crimes

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor

The NY Times tried to pin Black voter suppression in North Carolina on
Russia — which makes the newspaper an accomplice in the actual crime.

Freedom Rider: Assad is Winning

– Margaret Kimberley , BAR editor and senior columnist

The five-year long regime change effort in Syria may soon be over and the United States and its allies will be the losers.

Afghanistan, North Korea and the War Against Black America: The Need for Black Left Unity

– Ajamu Baraka , BAR editor and columnist

President Trump will continue the carnage in Afghanistan, just like the Democrats and Republicans before him. “The commitment to Full Spectrum Dominance has always had bipartisan support.”

Bill Clinton’s favorite African, Paul Kagame, Wins Re-election by 99%, Arrests Opponent

– Ann Garrison , BAR contributor

The US puppet regime in Rwanda is a key regional prop in Africa. So when 99% of Rwandans “Viote” for its Ft. Leavenworth trained president, that’s OK with the Pentagon

Hurricane Harvey and His Siblings… 

– Raymond Nat Turner , BAR poet-in-residence

Harvey isn’t the first, and won’t be the last of the new era’s megastorms to hit vulnerable coastal cities.

On the Importance of Class Analysis: Lessons from Huey Newton

by BAR contributor Danny Haiphong

The Black Panther Party re-introduced a new generation of the black left to the politics of class. It was about way more than guns.

House Flippers Not Poor Subprime Borrowers Caused the 2007-2008 Housing Crash

Gwynn Guilford

A new working paper by NBER illustrates how it was wealthy or middle-class house-flipping speculators, not poor swubprime borrowers who blew up the bubble to cataclysmic proportions, and then wrecked local housing markets when they defaulted.

Black Agenda Radio Week of September 4, 2017

Our one hour show. Max Parthas, Laura Whitehorn are Voices for Prison Abolition. Gerald Horne discusses post-Katrina expulsion of 200,000 blacks from the Gulf Coast. Wibert Jass the Poet Sanders on cold-hearted Trump.

Imperial Policies Could Doom Sanders Presidency
Dr. Francis Boyle explains the line for and against US global empire in the Trump era.

Blacks in Houston Must Guard Against Displacement
Dr. Gerald Horne recalls the dispersion of a quarter million blacks from the Gulf Coast in the wake of Katrina. Can it happen again?

Voices for Prison Abolition
Activists seeking to abolish the US mass incarceration system, root and branch, rallied in 16 cities under the banner “Millions for Prisoners Human Rights” campaign.

Bad News Trump

Wilbert Jazz the Poet Sanders on cold-hearted Trump

Houston: Increasing the Profit Portfolio, Decreasing the Human Portfolio

Dr. Gerald Horne on the Real News Network

Working class leadership must ensure that the massive Black displacement
that followed Hurricane Katrina does not recur in Houston, said Horne.

Florida’s Privatizing Education Disaster

Michelle Matisons

The very notion of “failing schools” was cooked up to justify the closing and privatization of public education. Charter schools are a license to steal.

We Are All Venezuela

João Pedro Stedile

The US has Venezuela in the crosshairs because it doesn’t like the Workers Party which has won ten out of the last twelve elections in that country, including the latest for a Constituent Assembly to rewrite the Constitution.

Reflections on South Africa: Whose Capital, Whose State?

by Yosh Tandon

The polity, the state and the economy of South Africa are the captives of global empire. Two decades after the fall of apartheid, it’s a new day.

Behind Fascist Balbo Monument, a History of Multiracial Resistance

by Curtis Black

Back in the 1930s, when the Mussolini regime dedicated a momument to itself in Chicago, blacks and Italian Americans connected the dots between racism and fascism in the US, fascism in Europe, and genocidal empire in Africa. 

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