Black Agenda Report 5 October 2017

5 October 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Las Vegas: How White Rights, Neoliberal Isolation and a Little Incompetence Killed 59 or 60 People This Week 

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
Gun rights in the US are mainly white rights. It’s always been that way, sort of baked into the North American experience.

The Las Vegas Killings, Through the Lens of New Orleans, Detroit and San Juan 

by BAR Executive Editor Glen Ford
“In a society that has historically denied the humanity of people of color, solidarity with other human beings does not come naturally.”

Freedom Rider: Russiagate Targets Black People 

by BAR Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley
“Every charge leveled against Vladimir Putin is a sinister projection of the American rap sheet.”

Ugandans Resist Museveni’s Bid for Life Presidency 

by BAR contributor Ann Garrison
America’s puppet president/general in Uganda demands to stay in office for life. the Ugandan people object.

Unstable Empire: Committee to Investigate Russia Beats the Drums of War 

by BAR contributor Danny Haiphong
The drumbeat for hostilities against Russia is one of the main symptoms of a weak and unstable empire.

Puerto Rico: Shock and Awe Exposing Capitalism’s Criminality

by BAR poet in residence Raymond Nat Turner
Water is life…and
even saliva’s in short supply…
For drum-tight mouths, sandpaper throats.
Yodeling bellies cave in on spines,
as evil scents of sewage and death float in,
Refashioning an island into a spreadsheet….

Black Agenda Radio, Week of October 2, 2017

This week’s show includes Zero Black Wealth by 2053, Rev. Mjumbe for Black Alliance For Peace, Political Prisoner Herman Bell Assaulted, WMXP-LP FDm, Empowering The People! Click here for the whole 55 minute show, or any of the next four items for the individual audio segments.

Black Alliance For Peace Demands Social and Environmental Justice 

Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford
Rev. Lukata Mjumbe, an Irvington, New Jersey, minister and member of the coordinating committee of the Black Alliance for Peace, addressed a Washington conference to forge greater collaboration between environmental and social justice activists. “We stand on a tradition of those women and men of the environmental justice movement, and those who have fought for peace and against violence,” said Rev. Mjumbe. “I believe we can come up with answers that answer and solution that solve.”

Aging Freedom Fighter Assaulted by Prison Guards 

Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford
Herman Bell, the 69 year-old former Black Panther, was “savagely” attacked by New York state prison guards, last month. According to Jihad Abdulmumit, a former political prisoner and chairman of the National Jericho Movement, Bell had not been written up for misconduct in the past 20 years, and was expecting a “contact visit” from his wife the week he was attacked. Abdulmumit asked: “Why would he, in some secluded part of the prison yard, attack a correctional officer? It flies in the face of logic.”

Black America On Track to Zero Wealth By 2053 

Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford
A study by the Economic Policy Institute predicts Black household wealth will plunge to zero by the year 2053. “What this study really points to is the fact that U.S. capitalism is on a path to destruction, and cannot stop,” said Black Agenda Report contributor Danny Haiphong, author of a recent article titled “Black America: The Wealth-less Community.” “A lot of the conversation about racism has very little to do with the material circumstances of Black people,” said Haiphong.

WMXP Radio: Community Media is a Real Empowerment Project 

Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford
“I want to ask folk to give in a more strategic way by donating to WMXP and the Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination to fund long term, empowering, capacity-building” projects, said Efia Nwangaza, the veteran activist and people’s lawyer who serves as executive director of the Center and its radio station in Greenville, South Carolina. The demise of WXMP is the local establishment’s “fondest objective — especially law enforcement and the misleadership class,” said Nwangaza.

How Uber and Lyft put oligarchs in the driver’s seat. 

This is Hell
It’s not at all complicated; the so-called “sharing economy” is a myth offered to conceal the latest taking economy, another series of transfers from the poor to the rich.

This Aint About Us: Whites Must Eradicate White Supremacy 

by Edward Rhymes
“The ‘distraction’ that’s being ignored is White supremacy, the greatest and most enduring obstacle to racial and class solidarity.”

What the Attack on Organized Labor Means for African-Americans 

D. Amari Jackson
The public sector is the largest employer of African Americans. Protecting the public sector is vital to the survival of our families and the relative stability of our communities.

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