Pambazuka News 842 20 October 2017: Kenya on the brink

20 October 2017 — Pambazuka News


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 Step back from the brink

*An open letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Rt. Hon Raila Odinga* ICJ-Kenya

The ruling Jubilee coalition insists repeat presidential elections must go on next Thursday. The opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) has called for a boycott and nationwide protests on that date. Unless the election is called off now, and efforts made to cool off tempers, Kenya could implode.

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North Korea and the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons By Carla Stea

19 October 2017 — Global Research

Intellectual and Moral Cowardice Fuels Savage Propaganda Against North Korea, Including at the United Nations. Deluded Factions in the U.S. Are “Begging for War.” President Carter Seeks Peace.

“The idea that only North Korea’s nuclear weapons are in flagrant violation of international law is not just bad faith, it’s blatantly lawless itself. The United States, along with the other nuclear-armed states, is obligated under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to eliminate its nuclear weapons. The International Court of Justice was clear in its 1996 advisory opinion that “good faith” meant that the NPT states parties had to successfully conclude multilateral negotiations on nuclear disarmament. …The idea that the nuclear-armed states can have their nukes and eat their non-proliferation too is a reckless fantasy. If the United States, United Kingdom, and France want to prevent proliferation, why on earth would they try to deter states from negotiating or joining an international agreement to never acquire them or use them?” – Ray Acheson, Editor, First Committee Monitor, Director, Reaching Critical Will, Member, Steering Committee of ICAN, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis reportedly warned Sweden of severe consequences if the country followed through on signing a UN treaty banning nuclear weapons.

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