Pambazuka News 845 – 16 November 2017: Real revolutionaries vs populist fakes

16  November 2017 — Pambazuka News



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* Opportunity for a new political culture in Zimbabwe

Esau J. Mavindidze

The political crisis offers citizens an opportunity to examine the path Zimbabwe has traveled since independence. Zimbabwe needs to build a new democracy. Citizens must ask themselves whether they want to join the rat race towards self-enrichment of a few or work towards solutions that benefit all. That requires a new leadership that is totally accountable and dedicated to the people.

Military is complicit in Mugabe misrule

Statement of the Global Pan African Movement on the intervention in Zimbabwe
Julia Lynne Walker

The Global Pan African Movement condemns the military intervention in Zimbabwe in no uncertain terms. The generals of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces have been part of the repressive government. The huge problems of Zimbabwe cannot be resolved by the same soldiers who have been partners with Mugabe in the past 37 years.

Civil society organizations ask Mugabe to step down

Zimbabwe CSOs joint statement on the military take over
Zimbabwe CSOs

More than a hundred civil society organizations have urged Robert Mugabe to resign as president of Zimbabwe following military intervention in the country?s politics. The organizations have also asked the military to ensure restoration of the constitutional order and an inclusive process to resolve Zimbabwe?s political and socio-economic problems.

The Russian Revolution and Pan African revolutionary traditions
Horace G. Campbell

All over Africa the conditions exist for revolution. But there is urgency to clarify the ideas, organization and leadership necessary for the African Revolution. The Russian Revolution of 100 years ago provides important lessons for African Revolutionaries in their quest to dismantle oppression and build just societies today.

A century after the Bolshevik Revolution: We need a new spectre to haunt the world
Jorge Falcone

In the world we’re living in, it’ not enough to solve the tension between capital and work. The ongoing crisis of civilization urgently demands that we address the tension between capital and nature, which is currently compromising the existence of life in our planet.

 55 years after: Political legacies of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Ike Nahem

The last two weeks of October 1962, 55 years ago, was the closest the world has come so far to a widespread nuclear exchange in what has become known as the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis.’

 Pentagon explanations for Niger operations can’t conceal strategic interests

 Cover up underway to obscure why AFRICOM is escalating its presence on the continent
Abayomi Azikiwe

Operations in Niger are part of a broader strategic plan to further dominate Africa military and economically. The Sahel is a treasure trove of valuable minerals and other natural resources. U.S. military occupations, although said to be based on cooperative efforts between the host governments and Washington, clearly represent the interests of international finance capital based on Wall Street.

Doing without advice from Deloitte?
Jerome Duval

Deloitte says it wants to fight tax evasion, and yet they give advice on how to divert money. The audit firm has been trying to woo investors to use its services, with the promise of multiple tax advantages for their projects in Africa, thus each year depriving the poorest states of the world of hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue.

Grassroots and peasants movements deliver solutions that COP23 fails to provide
Michaelin Sibanda and Boaventura Monjane

Food sovereignty and peasant agroecology — which should be understood in the context of national sovereignty – are the true solutions to build resilience and resistance.

 The Protocol to the Treaty Instituting the African Economic Community (AEC) on the free movement of people in Africa
Ibrahima Kane

The draft protocol on the free movement of persons in Africa, once adopted by the Assembly of the Union in January 2018, will be a powerful tool in the hands of Africans to accelerate the integration process of the continent as reflected in Aspiration 2 of the African Union Agenda 2063.


Call for papers: Young African Leaders Journal of Development (Edition II)
The Young African Leaders Forum

The Young African Leaders Forum (YALF) invites interested Africans to submit research articles for publication in the second edition of its Young African Leaders Journal of Development (YALJOD). The journal is aimed at fostering the collective progress and development of the African people, and it provides the blueprint for the development mission of the leading pan-African movement, Young African Leaders Forum, as well as many other organisations.

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