Trump Administration Plays Media Like Fiddle on Iran/HBO Hacking Story By Adam Johnson

24 November 2017 — FAIR

WaPo: Justice Department pushing Iran-connected charges in HBO hack, other cases

The Washington Post (11/19/17) reported warnings that “Justice Department officials want to reveal [Iran-connected] cases because the Trump administration would like Congress to impose new sanctions on Iran.”

It’s rare to see evidence of an administration plot to manipulate the media unfolding in real time, but such is the case this week—and thus far, corporate media have taken the bait hook, line, and sinker.

The Washington Post reported Sunday (11/19/17) that the Trump Justice Department had been ordering national security prosecutors to single out cases involving Iranian nationals to help push for new sanctions on Iran. The Post’s Devlin Barrett, citing Justice Department officials, laid out the strategy (emphasis added):

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Black Agenda Report 23 November 2017

23 November 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Trump FCC Wants To Remove Caps on Calls From Jails and Prisons, and to Kill Network Neutrality 

Bruce A. Dixon, BAR managing editor
The Trump FCC wants to kill subsidies for poor people to pay phone and internet bills, and remove caps on how much telecoms can charge the families of prisoners to receive phone calls. Its FCC chair used to represent a prison phone company. And they intend to kill network neutrality.


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European Commission still trying to ram through the renewal of the licence for Roundup

23 November 2017 — SumOfUs

Fresh from its latest glyphosate defeat, the European Commission is still trying to ram through the renewal of the licence for Monsanto’s favourite weedkiller.

After EU member states voted down a ten-year license, the chemical lobby couldn’t even secure a five-year one either. But rather than accept that this battle is lost, the European Commission is still doing the handiwork for Monsanto, trying to ram through the relicensing in yet another meeting, with yet more votes.

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Europe says no to the Censorship Machine!

23 November 2017 — OpenMedia

Great news! On Monday the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee voted NO to censorship machines![1] .

This is a fantastic moment, and it wouldn’t have been possible without your tireless support. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done. Over 135,000 people have spoken up against Censorship Machines and the Link Tax. Despite heavy lobbying from media conglomerates, Monday’s vote shows that your voices are being heard.[2]

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