Pambazuka News 845 – 16 November 2017: Real revolutionaries vs populist fakes

16  November 2017 — Pambazuka News



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* Opportunity for a new political culture in Zimbabwe

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NYT’s Campus Free Speech Coverage Focuses 7-to-1 on Plight of Right By Adam Johnson

15 November 2017 — FAIR

NYT: College Republicans, Once ‘the Best Party on Campus,’ Endure Taunts Over Trump

College Republicans complained to the New York Times (9/23/16) that the nomination of Donald Trump “prompted widespread mockery from their liberal classmates.”

Over the past 18 months, the New York Times has dedicated 21 columns and articles to the subject of conservatives’ free speech on campus, while only three covered the silencing of college liberals or leftists. A review of Times articles, columns, op-eds and reports shows a clear emphasis on documenting and condemning perceived suppression of conservative voices at American universities, while rarely mentioning harassment campaigns against leftist professors and/or the criminalization of leftist causes such as the pro-Palestinian BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement.

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“Unfriendly Relations” with Russia, American Imperialism and the Dangers of Nuclear War By Deena Stryker

15 November 2017 — Global Research

Trump and the Wolfowitz Doctrine

As President Trump affirms publicly his commitment to friendly relations with Russia at an economic summit in Hanoi, (the first President since Franklin Roosevelt to do so), the press backs the special prosecutor seeking to indict him, while NATO continues to ramp up its forces on Russia’s borders with Europe by bringing in tanks and other ‘defensive’ weapons. 

Although the United States was founded on Christian principles, and has one of the highest percentages of people practicing a religion of any Western country, most Americans seem not to realize that their country is building a case for nuclear war with the other major nuclear power. Until recently, Americans believed that while nuclear weapons were a necessary evil — because our enemies had them — every effort should be made to avoid using them. Now, Russian ‘behavior’ in its own back yard is seen as justifying an American attack, the inevitable use of nukes merely a slight detour on the path of human progress. Continue reading

US-ROK Military Threats Are Provocations for Nuclear War

15 November 2017 — Global Research 

The Situation in North Korea is Terrifying: US-ROK Military Threats Are Provocations for Nuclear War

By Carla Stea, November 15, 2017

Any attempt to accuse the DPRK of “provocation”is flagrant prevarication, as the provocations, and threats to the survival of North Korea described in this appeal to the Secretary-General reveal the US-south Korean  preparation for imminent attack and obliteration of North Korea. Continue reading