Planetary Salvation Compromised By Activism Lite, Climate Lite, Anti-Apartheid Lite & Anti-War Lite Weakness By Dr Gideon Polya

15 November 2017 — Dr Gideon Polya

In the neoliberal War on Humanity and War on Terra, there are the Bad Guys (the neoliberals, One Percenters, Super Rich, US Alliance military, warmongers, moronic Trumpists, fascists, neo-Nazis, religious right, and genocidal Zionists) versus the Good Guys (the anti-war, anti-nuclear, anti-Apartheid, anti-discrimination, pro-environment social humanists). However the Good Guys have been severely compromised by many activists who are insufficiently activist or  activism lite by being climate lite, socialism lite, anti-Apartheid lite, and anti-war lite.

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Over 15,000 Scientists Just Issued a ‘Second Notice’ To Humanity. Can We Listen Now? By Andrea Germanos

15 November 2017 — Common Dreams


Over 15,000 scientists hailing from more than 180 countries just issued a dire warning to humanity:

“Time is running out” to stop business as usual, as threats from rising greenhouse gases to biodiversity loss are pushing the biosphere to the brink.

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Metropolitan Police try to block Freedom of Information requests over Grenfell Tower By Simon Whelan

11 November 2017 — WSWS

London Metropolitan Police have advised the Kensington and Chelsea Council (KCC) to prevent the release of correspondence that could provide damaging information on the failure to prevent a serious fire at Grenfell Tower.

Police officers are monitoring and vetting Freedom of Information requests regarding what the council knew of fire risks to Grenfell Tower, and when, after serious warnings made by the Fire Brigade Union (FBU).

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