ICH Headlines 21 November 2017

21 November 2017 — Information Clearing House

Syria, Russia & Iran shift to Diplomacy, While US and Allies Push for War

By Finian Cunningham

US forces are scaling up their presence in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The Greatest Dangers in the Middle East Today are Jared Kushner and Mohamed bin Salman

By Patrick Cockburn

The Neo-con and right-wing think tankers are back in business in Washington, pushing for war with Iran – and are stronger than ever.

Is Trudeau Ready for a Middle East War?

By Murray Dobbin

Trump (and some of his generals), seem to genuinely believe that the U.S. is invulnerable, a truly suicidal assumption.

The Saudi System And Why Its Change May Fail

By Moon Of Alabama

The Saudis demanded control over Lebanon but Hariri could not deliver.

Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?

By Ron Paul

Does holding hands with Saudi Arabia as it slaughters Yemeni children really reflect American values?

Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan: Dead On Arrival?

By Richard Silverstein

Saudi message to Abbas was clear: If we can’t get you to do what we say, we’ll find someone who will.

ICC Prosecutor Requests Investigation Into U.S. Military, CIA for Alleged War Crimes in Afghanistan

By Mike Corder

Information available provides a reasonable basis to believe” that the U.S. “committed acts of torture, rape and sexual violence in Afghanistan.

Don’t Just Give Thanks. Pay It Forward One Act of Kindness at a Time

By John W. Whitehead

Evil prevails, when good men and women do nothing.

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