Russian and Now Chinese Media are “Foreign Agents”? Selected Articles

30 November 2017 — Global Research

Russia-Gate Gone Wild: Congressional Press Office Strips RT’s Capitol Hill Credentials

By Stephen Lendman, November 30, 2017

Things are worse under Trump. Hostile actions against RT America and Sputnik News may be prelude to criminalizing their US operations, forcing them to shut down if things go this far.

Towards China-Gate? Chinese State Media to Register in America as “Foreign Agents”. US Congressional Report

            By Associated Press, November 30, 2017

This initiative has far-reaching geopolitical implications. Why now? Will this recommendation, were it be applied, have an impact on US-China bilateral relations?

State Department Condemns* Designation of Media as Foreign Agents

By Moon of Alabama, November 30, 2017

With its criticism of the Russian version of the FARA law while ignoring the U.S. FARA action against RT, the State Department confirmed the allegations of hypocrisy RT and other media have raised against the U.S. government.

US Justice Department Forces RT America to Register as “Foreign Agent”

By Trévon Austin, November 10, 2017

The move is a product of the ongoing anti-Russia witch hunt being led by the Democratic Party, together with the US intelligence agencies, aimed at delegitimizing and outlawing domestic political opposition.

Fake News, “Human Rights” and “Free Speech” in the USA: State-Sponsored Intimidation, or When FARA Goes Too Far

By Andrew Korybko, September 14, 2017

The US government is blatantly violating the most basic tenets of its purportedly “sacred” ideology of “human rights” and “free speech” by egregiously overstepping the bounds of FARA to engage in the same type of state-sponsored intimidation that it regularly accuses its geopolitical opponents of for far less.

Hostile US Actions Against RT and Sputnik News

By Stephen Lendman, September 15, 2017

Targeting RT America through its services supplier and Sputnik News violates the letter and spirit of the law, perhaps prelude to censoring, then banning both operations in America.

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