Black Agenda Report 7 December 2017

7 December 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Slavery in Libya A Surprise? You Weren’t Reading Black Agenda Report 

Bruce A. Dixon, BAR managing editor
Black Agenda Report covered the catastrophic US intervention ion Libya with over 60 articles since 2011… this is why Google censors us as “fake news”…

Blacks, War and the Phony “Resistance” 

Glen Ford, BAR executive editor
By backing the huge Pentagon war budget, Democrats have already  guaranteed that GOP tax cuts will defund what’s left of U.S. social programs.

Freedom Rider: Barbuda and Disaster Capitalism 

Margaret Kimberley, senior columnist & editor
There is no private land ownership in Barbuda, but residents are under pressure to privatize in return for hurricane disaster relief.

The Intercept Attacks WikiLeaks on Behalf of Democrats

Danny Haiphong , BAR contributor
The Intercept’s mauling of Wikileaks shows a conscious neglect of progressive politics in favor of the gossip that passes as news these days.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame is Not Papa Africa Saving Slaves

Ann Garrison , BAR contributor
Rwandan dictator Kagame’s offer to absorb thousands of African refugees deported by Israel is a cruel farce and swindle.

if it takes 100 years

Raymond Nat Turner, BAR poet-in-residence
I am the North Star— Hope; Never wavering, organizing, burning thorough bars, walls, wire— I am consciousness of all

The FCC is Delivering the Internet to Corporate Control

Ryan Singel

“Non-mainstream media news sources across the political spectrum would no longer be able to afford to compete

South Africa: Facebook is Still Censoring Black Activists

Thabi Myeni

“Black people from all over the world must come together and organize and mobilize against Facebook, on Facebook.”

Black Agenda Radio Week of December 4, 2017

On this week’s show
Omali Yeshitela: U.S. to Blame for Slavery in Libya
Cooperation Jackson’s Kali Akuno: Elections Don’t Necessarily Change a Damn Thing
Vanessa Beeley: U.S. Exposed as “Lawless Rogue” State
Mumia Abu Jamal: U.S. Obsessed with the Gun
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Libya Is Home to a 21st-Century Slave Market But the UN Security Council Won’t Act

Vijay Prashad
Libya has become a marketplace for the trafficking of human beings…

Media Erase NATO Role in Bringing Slave Markets to Libya

Ben Norton
“Militants in the rebel stronghold of Misrata referred to themselves as ‘the brigade for purging slaves, black skin.’”

How Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Contributed to Libya’s Slavery Crisis

Solomon Comissiong
“The Obama administration bombed Libya into oblivion while using racist and terrorist rebel groups to do their dirty deeds on the ground.”