New at Black Agenda Report 14 December 2017

14 December 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Our Open Letter To NAPO, MXGM, and Dr. Akinyele Umoja on Ultra-Leftism, the Democratic Party and the Movement in Jackson MS 

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
In a Dec. 1 article, our friend and comrade Akinyele Umoja of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement branded this publication, its managing editor Bruce Dixon, and Cooperation Jackson’s Kali Akuno as ultra-leftists

“Russsiagate” and the Collapse of Obama’s War Against Syria 

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
Russia-gate is a howling disinformation machine, created to deflect the truth of the U.S. alliance with Islamist jihadists in Libya and Syria.

Freedom Rider: When Police Kill White People 

by BAR Senior Columnist Margaret Kimberley
Killer cops murder white people, too – but rather than join with Blacks in protest, most whites defend the brutal system of social control.

Sexual Assault Scandals, Russia-baiting, and the Crumbling Empire 

by BAR contributor Danny Haiphong
Sexual assault scandals and anti-Russian hysterics cannot arrest the inevitable collapse of the imperial capitalist system.

Christmas and the Contradictions of Capitalists Who Celebrate It 

by Mark P. Fancher
The Lords of Capital fail to see the parallels between the Roman Empire and 21st Century U.S. imperialism.

Blacks and the Alabama U.S. Senatorial Race

by Ken Morgan
“The capitalist moribund two-party electoral politics takes us down a dead-end road.”

The Entire Russian Hacking Narrative Is Invalidated In This Single Assange Tweet

by Caitlan Johnstone
“This cannot possibly be an actual investigation into an actual allegation…”

Daniel Ellsberg: “Doomsday” is an “Actual War Plan”

by DemocracyNow!
“This is the most evil plan that has ever existed. It’s insane…”

Black Agenda Radio, Week of December 11, 2017

On this week’s one hour show, Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford present
Lara Merling of the Center For Economic Progress on why Puerto Rico Was Crippled Before Hurricane Hit
Journalist Robin Philpot on how The U.S. Supported Anti-Black Forces in Libya
Maria Hamilton, mother of Milwaukee police murder victim Dontre Hamilton at the International Commission Probing U.S. Police Impunity
and 35 year political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal Thanks His Supporters for defending him all these years in his unjust conviction for the murder of a Philadelphia policeman.
Chicago’s Kamm Howard of N’COBRA on how Universities Nurtured the Ideology of Slavery
Click the link at the top for the whole show, or any of the following four above for the individual segment of our one houWarring Visions of Puerto Rico’s Futurer show.


by Harvey Wasserman
“This is an opportunity to make microgrids in Puerto Rico so they can be sustained in different areas.”

Alarming New Study Shows Flint Water Affects Baby Weight

Auditi Guha
“It was a very sharp reduction in birth weight.”


Morgan Humphrey
“The drug war is the justification to create a police state of black and Latinx communities.”