Black Agenda Report 28 February 2018

28 February 2018 — Black Agenda Report

The Great, Bloody Black Dispersal from the Cities 

– Glen Ford , BAR executive editor With alarming speed, and at great human cost, Blacks are being exiled from the central cities of America. Black urban removal is the national policy of both corporate parties.

Freedom Rider: Why the Shooting Will Continue 

– Margaret Kimberley , BAR editor and senior columnist
The national anthem outght to be “America the Incurable.” Homicide is part of its DNA, a congenital impulse born of slavery and genocide.

Independent Journalist Corner: A Conversation with Elías Gonzalez 

– Danny Haiphong , BAR contributor
The People’s Mirror, newspaper of the Saturday Free School, in Philadelphia, provides a narrative that not only recognizes dark civilization, humanity and truth, but also fights for it.

Good Panther, Bad Panther 

– Paul Street
Imperial Hollywood spins a tale of how (Good) Black royalty teams up with the CIA to foil a (Bad) Black American plot to free Africa and the world from centuries of oppression.
Raymond Nat Turner, BAR poet-in-residence
Is this an AR-15 gun story? Or, a repeating rifle history: Winchester Model 1873, “the gun you could load on
Ann Garrison, BAR contributor and Maurice Carney
 “The Congolese people in particular and Africans in general need to learn from their brothers and their sisters…

“Mass Incarceration” Reform as Police Endorsement

Dylan Rodríguez
“The reform of mass incarceration, as it has been absorbed by the cultural ensemble of the state and its dist

Radio, Week of February 26, 2018

Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford
Click the link above for the whole show, or any of the following four links for the individual segments

 Dubois: Activist and Educator  Philadelphia’s Saturday Free School kicked off a year of activities celebrating WEB Dubois’ life and work with a symposium at the Church of the Advocate.
The Year of W.E.B. Dubois Mumia Abu Jamal, the nation’s best known political prisoner talks about the life and work of W.E.B. Dubois
Dollar to Get Knocked Off Its Pedestal: Duboisian scholar and activist Dr Anthony Monteiro said the Chinese yuan will topple the dollar

Sundiata Acoli’s “Affirmation”  Political prisoner Sundiata Acoli, who was arrested with fellow Black Panther Assata Shakur in 1973, is among a host of political prisoners and activists that took part in a reading of Shakur’s poem, “Affirmation,” written in exile in Cuba.

The FBI’s War on Black-Owned Bookstores 

Joshua Clark Davis
“In Hoover’s eyes, black-owned bookstores represented a coordinated network of hate-spewing extremists.”

Mass Incarceration for Profit: The 13th Amendment and National Oppression in the U.S. 

Abayomi Azikiwe
“Why was it necessary to include language in the Amendment which maintained involuntary servitude within the 

Libyan National Popular Movement Demands End to Interference by Foreign Forces and “Terrorists” 

“The National Popular Movement condemns the local, regional and international silence on the suffering of the inhabitants of Tawergha who had been unjustly and aggressively kicked out of their city.”

Cyril Ramaphosa Has No Agenda Except Neoliberal Policies, Says NUMSA’s Irvin Jim 

Phakamile Hlubi-Majola
“The South African Communist Party (SACP) and present leadership COSATU are lying to people that Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver socialism.”

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa Relaunches Neoliberalism 

Patrick Bond
“In spite of repeated rhetorical gestures from Pretoria to the contrary, the BRICS have amplified unfair and inequitable world order processes.”

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