Media Lens: ‘Follow Your Bliss’ – The Tweet That Brought Corporate Journalism To The Brink Of A Nervous Breakthrough

7 March 2018 — Media Lens

‘I have tried trade, but I found that it would take ten years to get under way in that, and that then I should probably be on my way to the devil.’ – (Thoreau, ‘Walden’) 

Noam Chomsky once emailed us:

‘Am really impressed with what you are doing, though it’s like trying to move a ten-ton truck with a toothpick. They’re not going to allow themselves to be exposed.’ (Chomsky, email to Media Lens, September 14, 2005)

These were kind words from Chomsky. But in fact, ‘they’ – corporate journalists – often do an excellent job of exposing themselves.

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America’s Multi-Front War: Selected Articles

6 March 2018 — Global Research

Is China Neoliberal?

By , March 06, 2018

What is neoliberalism? To start, it is not new, and it is not liberal. It is predicated on prioritizing the private sphere over the public sphere; i.e., allowing the so-called free-market to decide. Hence, the role of the government is to be minimized, with privatization, cutting social programs, deregulating finance, and imposing austerity prescribed. Continue reading