IRR News (23 February – 8 March 2018)

8 March 2018 — Institute of Race Relations

Institute of Race Relations weekly digest – Against Racism, for Social Justice

You can now book for ‘The heart is where the battle is – a celebration of the life of A. Sivanandan’, an event organised by IRR to be held from 1 30pm on 23 June 2018 at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London. Tickets are available from Eventbrite. Writings by Sivanandan, including his interview entitled, ‘The heart is where the battle is’ are now available to download free of charge here and here.

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NSA: New Findings on Clerical Involvement in the 1953 Coup in Iran

8 March 2018 — National Security Archive

“Large Sums of Money” from U.S. Embassy Sent to “Influential People” in Tehran Prior to August 19, Declassified British Memo Alleges

Latest Declassification of Internal CIA History “The Battle for Iran” Adds More Detail to the Public Record

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 619

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Media Erase US Role in Syria’s Misery, Call for US to Inflict More Misery By Gregory Shupak

7 March 2018 — FAIR

Guardian: The epic failure of our age: how the west let down Syria

Simon Tisdall argues in the Guardian (2/10/18) that “the West let down Syria”—not by fueling a murderous civil war, but by failing to ensure that its chosen side prevailed in that war.

In the Guardian (2/10/18), Simon Tisdall described the US and its Western partners as “hovering passively on the sidelines in Syria,” and “restricting themselves to counterterrorism operations and vain calls for peace.” ABC’s Conor Finnegan (2/26/18) expressed concern that “the US will remain on the sidelines” in the country.

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US Destabilization Plan for Iran and the Middle East, and the Need to Strengthen the Resistance By Farhad Shahabi

7 March 2018 — Global Research

The use of force, in total disregard for the UN Charter, international law, and international agreements, is today, more than ever before, the main characteristic of Washington’s policy decisions. Consequently, the world is experiencing a decisive shift to militarization rather than, and in negation of, regional and international diplomacy, in US approach to policy. Now, the particular locus of this violation of the world peace and security is the Middle East and the anti-imperialist Iran, in particular.

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