Top NYT Editor: ‘We Are Pro-Capitalism, the Times Is in Favor of Capitalism’ By Adam Johnson

1 March 2018 — FAIR

HuffPo: Leak: How NYT Editor James Bennet Justifies the Op-Ed Page to His Colleagues

The Huffington Post piece (2/27/18) that revealed  editorial page editor James Bennet’s declaration that “the New York Times is in favor of capitalism.”

Media criticism is, more often than not, a practice of inference: seeing patterns and inferring from those patterns the political make-up of media. Occasionally, however, decision-makers from major media outlets come right out and openly declare their ideology. This is what New York Times editorial page editor James Bennet—likely the most influential gatekeeper in all of media—did when he told Times staffers in a closed-door meeting last December that the paper of record was “pro-capitalism.”

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