Meet The Man Behind Cambridge Analytica, Who Made Trump President

2 November 2017 — TRNN

TRNN Documentary: This is the story of Robert Mercer, the far-right billionaire that is a major investor in Cambridge Analytica that data scrubbed Facebook for Trump, brought Bannon to the White House, and made his daughter the major owner of Breitbart News and board member of Cambridge Analytica Continue reading

Freedom of Expression, The Denial of the “Right to an Opinion”: Britain’s Inexorable Slide Into Fascism By Julian Rose

19 March 2018 — Global Research

In Britain, during this last week, something very nasty made its presence known to the nation. And it was not Putin or Russia. It was a coldly executed, psychologically loaded attempt to silence those who wished to express an opinion, other than the one held by the government.

Those who believe that the notion that Vladimir Putin is responsible for the poisoning of a Russian double agent and his daughter in the town of Salisbury, England, is unproven.

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Cambridge Analytica Ain’t Nuthin: Look out for i360 and DataTrust By Greg Palast

20 March 2018 — Greg Palast

There are two dangers in the media howl over Trump’s computer gurus Cambridge Analytica, the data-driven psy-ops company founded by billionaire brown-shirts, the Mercer Family.

Clip from Palast’s film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

The story is that Cambridge Analytica, once directed by Steve Bannon, by shoplifting Facebook profiles to bend your brain, is some unique “bad apple” of the cyber world.
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European Disintegration, Chemical Attack in Syria, Torture in Afghanistan

19 March 2018 — Global Research

Torture Is a Hallmark of US Invasions and Interventions. Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

By Friba and Edu Montesanti, March 19, 2018

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan’s representative speaks out about the International Criminal Court’s decision to investigate crimes committed by all sides in the Central Asian country, since May 1, 2003. “There’s no indication that US crimes have stopped occurring in Afghanistan,” Friba says. Continue reading