COLDTYPE Issue 155 March 2018 – is now on line

2 March 2018 —  Coldtype

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NUCLEAR INSANITY: The arms race is back again, with an intensity not seen since before the end of the Cold War. In this issue’s cover story, Rajan Menon examines the mad follies of the new US government’s new Nuclear Posture Review, while In other stories, Katte Black looks at the time the US media was happy to crow about how it helped to bring about external regime change in Russia; David Niddrie recounts the actions that led to the downfall of South Africa’s President Zuma; and Sam Pizzigati introduces us to the family that brought us the opioid crisis. Our photo stories take us to New York, where graffiti artists won a massive payoff from a business developer who destroyed their art; then down to Mississippi, where two men were exonerated after spending many years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. Other stories deal with media duplicity over Syria, the fantasies of Brexit, Haiti and the NGOs, and much more, including our much-praised special  Insightssection.

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