COLDTYPE Issue 156 Mid-March 2018 – is now on line

18 March 2018 — Coldtype

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LEGALISING TYRANNY: We’ve heard chilling tales of the inhumane conditions inside America prisons, but the problems run much deeper. Chris Hedges tells how a corrupt system of plea bargains sees many innocent men jailed for years by a corrupt justice system. In other top features, Linda McQuaigslams Canada for its stance on the conflict in Venezuela, Ray McGovern wonders why the West won’t listen to Vladimir Putin, and Richard Seymour explains how Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents’ attempts to brand him as ‘Putin’s Puppet’ are failing. Ramona Wadi introduces us to a Palestinian artist whose cartoons show the agony of families torn apart by Israel’s apartheid regime, Jonathan Cook writes about the lies of Israel’s ‘moral’ army, and Christopher Douglas explains why a Cormac McCarthy novel is probably unfilmable. We’ve also got a photo story from Detroit, instructions on how to toilet train your pet dog, and more.

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