COLDTYPE Issue 164 Mid-July 2018 – is now on line

18 July 2018 — Coldtype

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ADDICTED TO TRUMP: Seems that no matter how much the media tries to avoid him, it’s impossible to ignore the antics of Donald Trump. And ColdType is no different: In this issue, Tom Engelhardt takes issue with America’s addiction to opioids, war and The Donald; while, in other main pieces, CJ Hopkins gives us his unique, insight into Trump’s ‘Treasonous, Traitor Summit’ with Vladimir Putin in Oslo; Conn Hallinan blames the Prez for the coming big, bad, bug invasion; and Christina Fattore explains why it doesn’t matter where a Harley Davidson is built. To top off our Trump coverage, we have a 10-page photostory by Ron Fassbender of London’s reaction to the President’s visit. In other top stories, David Edwards wonders why the mainstream media ignored the report on the supposed toxic attack on Douma; Leo Gerrard warns us of millionaire wolves in workers’ clothing; and Jonathan Cook tells how Israel is bulldozing any chance of a Palestinian peace deal. We’ve also got our Insights section with contributions from a host of top-notch writers – and a poem by Philip Kraske. . . .

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