New fake ‘rescue’ scenes by White Helmets in Western media narrative on Syria

30 July 2018 — The Indicter

Stage & training scenes published as ‘real action’

White Helmets operatives training “recruits”, rehearsal stage fires and fake lifesaving …and how to pose in photographs and videos later distributed by pro-NATO press agencies as if were ‘real rescue’ imagery or footage.

By Marcello Ferrada de Noli

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Statewatch 30 July 2018: Working for civil liberties in Europe since 1991

30 July 2018 — Statewatch

Dear Statewatchers,

Our civil liberties are continually under threat

We provide all our services free. We have just launched a new Observatory on the Creation of a centralised Justic & Home Affairs database “a point of no return:” This Observatory covers the so-called “interoperability” of EU JHA databases which in reality will create a centralised EU state database covering all existing and future JHA databases :

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Is Washington Planning a Pre-Emptive Strike on Iran? Selected Articles

29 July 2018 — Global Research News

‘Arab NATO’: Trump Pursuing Regional Alliance to Confront Iran

By The New Arab, July 29, 2018

Washington is trying to strengthen cooperation between the countries on various fronts including missile defence, military training and counter-terrorism, as well as boosting regional economic and diplomatic ties, four US and Arab officials told the news agency. Continue reading

Palestine News Links 28-29 July 2018

29 July 2018 —

Breaking the Gaza Blockade: Message From A Former Israeli Air Force Pilot

How Labour’s Dreadful Antisemitism Debate Has to Change
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