Key Fact Obscured in Immigration Coverage: MS-13 Was Made in US By Justin Anderson

22 July 2018 — FAIR

[Although the US is the subject of this piece, firstly, it applies equally to this septic isle as it does to the US and secondly, you have to hunt hard to find journalism of this quality here in the UK, to our lasting shame. WB]

Atlantic: Enforce the Border--Humanely

David Frum (Atlantic, 6/20/18) rejects the “extremism” of holding the US responsible for creating the conditions that force mass migration.

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Israel intervenes to extract US-UK-backed White Helmets from Syria By Bill Van Auken

23 July 2018 — WSWS

Israeli troops, with the backing of Washington and other major NATO powers, carried out an operation over the weekend to evacuate some 800 operatives of the so-called White Helmets organization from southern Syria, where government forces have staged a major offensive to retake areas previously held by Western-backed Islamist militias.

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