“Political Madness” and the Real Axis of Evil: US-NATO-Israel: selected Articles

26 July 2018 — Global Research News

Assad: “Israel Has exhausted Our Patience and Iran Will Stay in Syria as Long as Is Needed”

By Elijah J. Magnier, July 26, 2018

The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has communicated to the Russian leadership that “Israel has exhausted our patience” … “Israeli jets will be a legitimate target for our defence systems if Tel Aviv doesn’t cease its provocation and stop targeting our military positions and jets”. According to decision makers, “Assad has no intention of asking Iran and its allies to leave the Levant as long as any Syrian territory is occupied”. Assad has included the Golan Heights in ‘all occupied Syrian territories’, as well as the north of Syria where the Turkish and the US forces, unlike the those of Iran, are present without the consent of the Syrian government. Continue reading

The Sanctification of NATO By Gregory Shupak

26 July 2018 — FAIR

Guardian: Europe Must Come Together

To the Guardian (7/10/18), NATO “ushered in a democratic, liberal world order.”

Claims that US President Donald Trump is undermining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) by criticizing some of its members and having a cordial meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin have sent establishment media into a frenzy to sanctify NATO as a force for peace and democracy.

A Guardian editorial (7/10/18) asserted:

The NATO alliance has helped mold the modern world and ushered in a democratic, liberal world order characterized by open trade and open societies, which after the collapse of the Soviet Union needed only to be lightly defended. This in turn contributed greatly to American peace and prosperity.

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