West Scrambles to Evacuate White Helmets From Syria Amid Assassination Threats

16 July 2018 — Press TV

Featured image: The file photo shows members of the White Helmets volunteer organization walking amid rubble in Syria.

Western countries have reportedly been scrambling to evacuate “volunteer” White Helmets from Syria, who have been accused of cooperating with Takfiri terrorists and staging false flag gas attacks.

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Western Governments Seek to Evacuate White Helmets From Syria, Resettle Them in Canada

22 July 2018 — MintpressGlobal Research

The White Helmets have been shown to effectively be the same organization as terror group al-Nusra Front and have been caught on film aiding al-Nusra terrorists execute Syrian civilians. It is hard to imagine any Westerner who would want the White Helmets as neighbors.

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Honoring Our Fallen Member Vittorio Arrigoni

21 July 2018 —  FreeGaza Movement

It’s appropriate to post this beautifully-written tribute to Vik on the day the current flotilla leaves for Gaza. In his memory, Free Gaza wishes them a safe journey. As he always said, ‘Stay Human.”


Vik and Captain John on the day we landed in Gaza, August 23, 2008

By Bella, Co-founder, the Free Gaza movement

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