The Pentagon’s insect army By Manlio Dinucci

9 October 2018 — VoltaireNet
The Pentagon is busy pursuing all sorts of research. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is studying the possibility of using insects to infect crops, while the Office of Naval Research hopes to use other insects as sensors, capable of detecting explosives. This is not science-fiction. Continue reading

I’m taking an (enforced) break

11 October 2018

Update: Same day but later

Fixed! Amazing! Had a 1 1/2 hour operation on my heart (again) and it was a success. I’ll be out of hospital tomorrow, Friday. All power and all thanks to the wonderful workers at St. Thomas’ s Hospital. I’m gobsmacked. And this is the system the Tories (and before them, Labour) are destroying, the barbarians!

Well actually, a hospital break. More heart probems, so tests, lots of tests, probably for the rest of the week, and then an operation of some kind. In fact, I’m typing this from my hospital bed, here in London. Hopefully I’ll survive a little longer.