Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise By Nafeez AHMED

23 October 2018 — Medium

Capitalism as we know it is over. So suggests a new report commissioned by a group of scientists appointed by the UN Secretary-General. The main reason? We’re transitioning rapidly to a radically different global economy, due to our increasingly unsustainable exploitation of the planet’s environmental resources.

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Upfront NHS charges one year on – 6 reasons why they harm us all By Ed Jones

23 October 2018 — OurNHS

And what can we do to stop these harmful charges?

Image: Poster in Guys & St Thomas’s Hospital. Credit: Docs not Cops

 When you’re expecting a baby the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether you can afford over £6,000 to go into hospital for the labour. For most people in England this isn’t yet a consideration but for the past year it has been the reality for many migrant women.

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A Dying Race Couldn’t Influence The Defense Of Western Civilization

22 October 2018 — Oriental Review

The campaign against the military use of nuclear technology never lets up, even for a single day. The opponents of those deadly warheads have made a lot of progress: bans have been put in place against tests in the atmosphere, underwater, and in space. In general, the number of nuclear detonations has dropped significantly since the era of the Cold War.

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